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There’s no getting away from Peppa Pig in this house, and now it seems I can’t even read the news without her popping up today as the little girl who does the voice has just won a Bafta.

So today’s blog is all about the wonderful world of Peppa.

My 4 year old is obsessed with Peppa and her little brother, George. As it is nearly Christmas, every day this week we have been ‘entertained’ by the ‘Peppa’s Christmas’ dvd. (If I have to sit through it one more time, I swear I’ll be reciting it in my sleep. Especially the Grandpa’s Attic and Long Grass episodes.)

Little observations here, as I said I’ve been tortured daily with it.

-Just HOW many jobs does Miss Rabbit have?! That is one busy little bunny. So far I’ve spotted her as a shop keeper, fire engine driver, ice cream van driver, and even in charge of car crushing at the local recycling plant. There’s no end to her talents. I’m sure there’s lots of other jobs I’ve missed as well.

–  When Mummy Pig says she’s ‘working’ at the computer when Peppa and George want to play the happy little chicken game, is she really blogging and Twittering away on Twitter? 🙂

-How does the car not roll away down the hill when Daddy Pig parks it on there at the top?!

Ok. I’m well aware I need to step away from the Peppa Pig dvd’s and wean the 4 year off it. Mummy definitely needs to get out more. 🙂


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Christmas Wishes

It doesn’t matter how old we are, we all get giddy on Christmas Eve and wonder what Santa is going to bring us.

Yes, yes, he delivers to the children, but what about the grown ups who are still children inside? He comes to them too you know.

As Buddy the Elf would say, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.”

In other words, the more you believe in the magic of Christmas, the better  the magical feeling it brings.

If you’re reading, Santa, then I’m not too fussy. As long as I’ve got some good books to read, a few dvd boxsets to watch (because, let’s face it, Christmas Day telly is dismal nowadays what with no Only Fools and Horses Christmas Specials on anymore, and films that have been on before!), then I’m happy.

Getting to see all my friends and family over Christmas is also a priority (albeit a sappy one), but when we all live all over the UK it’s hard to all get together over Christmas on the same day.

So here’s to a good night out with friends over Christmas with a few glasses of the Christmas spirit, and some family get togethers too.


See what everyone else is wishing for this Christmas over at http://www.britmums.com

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If there’s one thing I used to love when I was little, it was watching cartoons. At the risk of sounding like an old lady, “they just don’t make kids TV like they used to.”

In the Night Garden and Waybuloo? Um, no. THIS is what they should be watching. They just don’t know what they’re missing out on.

Mr Benn. Used to live in Festival Road, and regularly visit his local fancy dress shop where he sloped off into the dressing rooms  and disappeared into far off lands. Where he went depended on what costume he was wearing.

Inspector Gadget. “Go go gadget arms!” I always wanted the gadget helicopter hat thing myself. “Go go gadget helicopter!” Nope, it never worked for my hat. Pah.

“I’ll get you next time Gadget. Mwahahaha. He never did. Clever, that Gadget man.

Dangermouse.  Secret agent mouse and his little sidekick, Penfold.

The vegetarian Count – Count Duckula. “From the heart of Translyvania, in the hall of vampire fame, yeah…”

The cartoon world has lost its voice somewhat these past few weeks with the death of one half of Cosgrove Hall creators, Mark Hall, who created Count Duckula and Dangermouse. RIP 😦

Jamie and The Magic Torch. A contender for best children’s cartoon theme tune EVER.

For more nostalgia and trips down memory lane, go visit http://katetakes5.blogspot.com and see what other cartoons people have remembered from their youth.

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When you’re a comedian, anything is game and up for ridicule at the expense of a few cheap laughs. Including handicapped children, it seems.

The comic Jimmy Carr has been in the news these past few days for making a quip about children with Down’s syndrome children and how they “all look the f****ng same.”

Now I’m all for freedom of speech and am the first to complain at how political correctness has gone mad,  but how is that even funny?

It’s like a while back when Jordan’s little boy Harvey was poked fun at in the media. Now, say what you like about Jordan, she’s old enough and daft enough to be able to take it, and regularly puts herself into the media spotlight.

To bring her disabled child into it though was bang out of order. What did he ever do? He’s an innocent.

Jokes are all well and good, and I love a laugh,  but since when did handicapped and disabled children ask to be figures of fun?

If people see others ridiculing the handicapped, disabled and people generally different to others in mainstream media, then surely that is giving the green light for bullies to justify their behaviour and act the same?

It says a lot about your skills as a comedian if you have to resort to cheap shots at vulnerable members of the public in order to gain attention and a few laughs thrown your way.

Learn from the likes of Peter Kay who resort to observational humour and nostalgia to raise a few giggles. Not attack the vulnerable in order to raise titters.

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7 secret things about me

Oh dear. I’ve been given the dubious honour of having to share 7 secret things about myself.

http://cheetahsinmyshoes.wordpress.com has tagged me in this award –

and so here goes. Just don’t think any less of me. 🙂

1 – On first starting high school, being crap at sport, I hated the cross country runs. You know the type, where you have to go on a run that seemed like about 5 miles long.

So one day me and some others decided to take a short cut and have a laze in the sunshine well ahead of the other sporty pants who always came first,  and waited for them to catch us up. Then, much to their outrage, went on a leisurely run ahead of them as we were all nice and rested.

How we thought the P.E teacher wouldn’t get suspicious when the usual dawdlers came haring in first ahead of the Sport Queen’s, I have no idea. We might have been ingenious, just not very bright.

2 – Little sis used to be scared of the Mogwai in Gremlins. So I used to sometimes hum the Mogwai tune to her. (Yes I know, I was  mean and evil. I hope she’s forgiven me now. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry. ) Although it was hilarious at the time.

3 – Working on a Saturday is a pile of pants and at the age of 18 I used to sometimes go into work on a Saturday morning after being in the local nightclub until 3am. Then wonder why I felt like death warmed up on the job.

4 – I’m a geek. Anything to do with sci fi and time travel, I’m fascinated. Which probably explains why I love shows like Red Dwarf and Quantum Leap and know the episodes inside out. Then annoy everyone when Red Dwarf is on as I’ll be there quoting the entire episode. 🙂

5 – I used to love the film Wizard of Oz, but the sequel Return to Oz used to scare the heck out of me. Electrocuting Dorothy?!  Oh, and those Wheelie things that then turned into sand were beyond creepy!

6 – Whenever I have to speak to a teacher at school  I feel like I’m 5 again and the child not the parent. Should I put my hand up to speak? I feel like I should be doing. I’m not grown up enough, Even though some of them look as if they’re about 15 years younger than me. Oh Gawd. I’m old.

7 – I love Christmas.  Any excuse for a drink, mince pies and get togethers.

So that’s me.

I’m going to pass this honour along to



http://www.loveinthenest.co.uk and see what they come up with!

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The prompt over at http://www.britmums.com this week asks us what makes our children laugh.

It doesn’t take much to have my two in fits of laughter here. They’re not exactly the quietest of children and will guffaw at anything.

– Jumping up and down on the bed and pretending the mattress is a trampoline instead of a piece of sleeping equipment is enough to set them off.

– Giggling, whispering at the foot of the bed then Shouting ‘PILE ON!’ and then divebombing both yourself and daddy simultaneously at 6am in the morning.(Grrr)

– Reading the bedtime story complete with funny voices.

– Pulling funny faces.

– Playing “wrestling” with each other. Instant hilarity, even though it is guaranteed to end in tears with one of them  approximately two seconds later.

-farting noises. What IS it with small boys and farts that are so hilarious?!

– Generally behaving like chimps.

What makes your little one giggle?


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What is it with kids and shops that turns the cutest of angels into little horrors?! I’ll be there doing the weekly shop in Tesco or Asda or wherever, when the 8 year old decides he wants to skid down the entire length of the aisle on his knees and generally be a pain in the bum the entire way round, while the 4 year old in the trolley is gleefully swinging his legs and kicking you where it hurts.

“Can we have this? Can we have that?!” “Yuk, don’t like that!” is all you seem to hear from them. Then when you finally get to the checkout, there’s all the sweets at pushchair and trolley level so it’s the first thing they see, and are also within grabbing hold of reach!

Yes, it’s a great marketing ploy, but it’s also a bloody annoying one as it taps right into pester power. (I’m not one for giving in though, I’m hard and tell them no, you’re not having them. 🙂 ) Still, it’s a cheek.

So, to keep my sanity, they need occupying.

The 8 year old gets duties –

– he’s Chief weigher of fruit and vegetables as he likes sticking things on the scales and seeing how much they weigh.

– They’re also both armed with a shopping list and have to read off an item in turn and then we go and find it.

If they’re kept occupied, they don’t do your head in as much.

You know the best way to shop though? Get them in bed, fast asleep, crack open a bottle of wine and do all your Christmas shopping/ grocery shopping online from the comfort of your own wine bottle, lit fire, and living room. God bless the internet. 🙂



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