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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, you”ll have heard on the news that the future King of England has just been born to Kate and William.

People have been camping outside the hospital for the past few weeks (literally. One bloke has apparently been sleeping out there for two weeks. Do they have nowhere else to go? Or anything to DO?!)

The world and his dog have their eyes and long lens cameras trained on the doors of the hospital where the heir to the throne has just been born.

Meanwhile, Kate’s hairdresser has apparently gone in this morning to get her hair all lovely and shiny and not, presumably, like most mums who have just given birth, resembling something that’s just been dragged backwards through a hedge.

Every news channel wants to know:


What’s the baby going to be called?


The parenting forums are wanting to know:

Is Kate going to breastfeed?! Set an example, woman, for Goodness sake! (Or how about just leave her alone, it’s her choice!)

Not as if she can do right whatever she does. If she does get the royal boobs out, she’ll get eye rolls and told to show a bit more decorum.

If she feeds baby SMA or Cow and Gate, somebody somewhere will have an opinion that she isn’t setting a good example.

One news report this morning brought up the question of if she would lose the baby weight quickly or not.  (Give her chance!)

Also, what’s she going to wear?! We all need to know!

The poor girl only gave birth yesterday. No wonder she feels the need to get her hairdresser in to see her before venturing out with all these scrutinizing eyes on her.

Just pull on whatever clothes you feel comfortable in, give your hair a quick brush and if anyone dares say you’re not looking your best silently send a few v signs in your mind towards them and do a regal wave while smiling serenely.

I wouldn’t be Kate for anything right now.


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As if I didn’t spend enough time on the world wide t’internet thingy,I’ve now gone and discovered another website that sucks all time away from you.


Pinterest, for the uninitiated, is a website full of pretty things. It’s a land of perfect cooks, interior designer type peeps (or wannabes) and mums who fashion pretty things to keep the kids entertained for hours out of things like toilet or kitchen roll holders.

It’s a land where the worktops glisten, the children gambol across fields like springtime lambs, and climb up trees in a way only their rosy cheeked youthful outlook could allow.

Where if you cook something, all the ingredients BEHAVE and do exactly as they’re told and make an impressive souffle, or an amuse bouche.

Pine cones on your nature walk get sprayed silver, or gold, and turned into a pretty table centrepiece for your next candlelit supper with an intimate gathering of your closest friends, where you all gather around the table and swap witty anecdotes and jokes.

Then, if you see these great ideas, you can pin them to your virtual pinboard and keep them for future reference.

You know, if you ever feel the need or urge to do these things. I mean, I’m going to do EVERYTHING on my pinterest pin board.

I aspire to be the next Martha Stewart, Cherry Menlove, or Delia Smith.

I’m going to make like some of the mums on there who fart about with their kids packed lunches and make pretty little artwork out of the lunchboxes instead of sending them off to school with a ham and cucumber sandwich, a biscuit,  an apple and a cheese Babybel.

No. Pinterest has taught me that’s far too boring. I need to be turning the lunchbox food into a scene of some kind. I need to turn it into a beach (with cous cous forming the sand) and carrot sticks being fashioned into crabs legs or something.

I am going to do all this stuff. Some day.

In the meantime, I’ll pretend I can’t see the fact the kid’s  bedroom ISN’T  an under the sea theme with port holes, or we don’t have a bog standard boring bedroom with NO four poster bed and drapes.

Nope, there’s no clutter on the floor instead. hides head in sand

One day, one day. What about you? Do you think Pinterest is a place to gather all your future projects together and dream? Are they things  you’re going to do? Or things you ALREADY do? Or a complete load of rubbish?!

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