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Mums who breastfeed are to be given shopping vouchers, according to the news today.

Yes, the latest way to erode a parent’s choice to choose what is best is with the introduction of shopping vouchers dished out to mums who are good girls and do the best thing for their baby.

Yes, we all know breast is best. That fact’s bashed over our heads enough as it is, we’re not daft.

It’s full of nutrients for baby, it makes them brainy, and if they drink enough of it they may develop super powers and fly around the room a’la Superman. (Some of that sentence may or not be entirely accurate. You get my drift, though.)

Whereas if you formula feed, they’ll be obese, thick as two short planks, and you’re just emotionally STUNTING them. (Again, I’m not being entirely serious here.)

Come ON.

It’s formula, not arsenic. They’re not going to drop down dead after a bottle of SMA, or Cow and Gate or whatever. It’s a perfectly viable alternative to breastmilk.

How is the lure of some shopping vouchers going to suddenly make people think “oooh, new clothes, now THAT’LL make me breastfeed?!”

Not everyone can do it, or indeed wants to. Why are some people so intent on taking away the right to choose? I’d say an unhappy mum was more detrimental to a baby than glugging formula.

If you can breastfeed, then fine, as it is the best option.

If you can’t, are struggling, or are unhappy with it and want to formula feed, that should also be fine.

Leave us alone to choose!


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When the now ten year old was a couple of years younger, he always wanted to be dressed exactly the same as his little brother.

If his smaller brother was wearing a t-shirt declaring that Mr Funny liked to drive around in his little clown car while eating daisies on toast, then he’d want to be wearing one too.

Which is what happened in this household.

They’d have t-shirts bought for them by relatives, exactly the same, that they’d wear at different times so not to look alike.

Although the now ten year old would always want to wear his at the same time as his little brother (just don’t tell him I said that as he’d deny all knowledge now) so they’d be exactly the same.

People seeing them out and about would have probably thought I dressed them the same purposefully. Nope, the eldest wanted to be the same.

Although now if he realises he’s even got a similar coloured shirt on to the smallest then he’s changing it immediately.

It’s not always down to the parents.

What do you think when you see children dressed the same as each other?





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Turning on the TV this morning, I was greeted by the sight of This Morning’s resident pantomime villain, Katie Hopkins sat on the sofa savaging Peaches Geldof.

If it’s controversial and it’s about parenting, you can bet one of your limbs that Katie will have an opinion on it in order to get the hackles rising, and the parenting forums frothing.

Kids with ‘chavvy names’, ‘ginger babies’, and today attachment parenting bashing. If you add a C and an R to AP, it’s shorthand for crAP parenting, says Katie.

All this got me thinking, how far do you go to get yourself seen and heard and your articles written or points of view aired on telly?

I find myself censoring posts, maybe taking out an occasional expletive before hitting the ‘publish’ button, or choosing not to publish some opinions which I know probably wouldn’t go down too well.

Writing them would bring in lots of traffic and I’d have a comment box full of scathing people letting me know how horrible I was being.

You only need to look at her Twitter feed to see she has a whole lot of people sending messages detailing exactly what they think of her.

Good or bad thoughts on her, you can’t deny she knows how to pull in the public, get them talking about her and trending on Twitter, and generally just boosting the ratings.

What do the public do? Rise to the bait every time. She knows what she’s doing.

So, airing unpopular opinions – worth it? Or more a case of selling your soul? What do you think?


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