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We’re nearly ready to see the New Year in again, and I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that this coming year is going to be a darn sight better than the last.

I’ll be listening to Big Ben’s Bongs and heralding in the New Year with a root a toot toot of my own and may have to invest in some drums to bang in order to smack and shout hurrah! 😀

Either that or some pan lids may suffice.

Bye, bye 2013, try not to bang your backside on the door on your way out.

It’s all so easy to just sit back and let the year wash over you without really DOING anything.

There’s been the usual school run and every day routine, and we have actually done some fun things in the holidays, from pantomimes at Christmas, to strawberry picking and visiting lavender fields along with giant outdoor games such as Connect 4.

Actually achieving stuff though?

Nope, not so much.

This year, I’m writing a list and I’m going to tick off things that are different just because I can.

Things to do:

– Jump on the train to a random new place for a spontaneous day out. First train due in that you see. Jump on it.

– Sign up to something new. Whether it be learning a new skill and going back to college, or visiting new places.

I’ve got lots of things on my list.

What would you do next year?

Make it all count.

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Inspiration taken from Clement Moore’s fantastic, classic poem T’was The Night Before Christmas 🙂


T’was the day after Christmas. and here we all are

Not a muscle was moving, we’re not going far.

The kids overtired and all partied out

Too much excitement of the presents, no doubt.


The grown ups were all groaning under the strain

No more could they eat, no, not even a grain.

The T.V in the corner, blaring away

was a distraction, from what was a grey day.


Then up from the bedroom there rose such a great din!

Stir crazy kids jumped on each other and piled in.

Mum and Dad, they arose to find such a scene

Telling them to each other -don’t be so MEAN!


Christmas as we know is family together

Though this can sometimes be an endeavour

Let’s remember to smile and all bite your tongue

Ignore all the noise and embrace all the FUN.












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It doesn’t matter how often I tell myself I WILL be organised this year, it never seems to happen.

I started off with such good intentions.

By the start of September, I’d already started to buy some stocking fillers. October saw me buying some more presents as well.

So why, when it gets to the night before Christmas Eve, do I still have so many of the blasted things to wrap up?!

Probably because I hate wrapping.

I mean, REALLY hate wrapping presents. I hate wrapping presents more than I hate brussels sprouts. Now THAT’S saying something.

I love the way presents look when they’re all wrapped up and festooned with pretty sparkly ribbons and whatnot.

Actually getting me to make a presentable looking present is a tall order though as whenever I do it, it always look likes it’s been wrapped by a chimp with five hands and then sat on by an elephant for good measure.

You’ll find me with my foot on top of the Christmas present trying to hold the wrapping paper in place as I try and wrestle the Sellotape off the holder (assuming I’ve managed to find the end of it in the first place).

Then you’ve got to find a convenient place to hold the strips that you are ABOUT to use but don’t need at that precise moment.

The edge of the kitchen table is usually a good one.

Or your own forehead, or maybe a knee.

Then when it’s all done sit back, admire your handiwork, heave a big sigh of relief that thank flip that’s over with for another year and vow to just plonk them all in an Asda carrier bag next year and have done with it.


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