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As a complete Twitter addict, I’m forever being asked what it is that I actually see in it.

It’s boring!

It’s just random strangers telling you what they had for breakfast!

You can’t do anything on there apart from follow news items and stalk celebrities. If you want to find out what Philip Schofield had for breakfast, then yay. Twitter’s good then. If for anything else, not so much.

Er, wrong actually. You can do so much more than that.

If you want to get the most out of Twitter, then you need to follow people with the same type of interests as yourself.

You’re into knitting woolly hats? Great. Get following like minded peeps and INTER-ACT with them.

If they tweet something that resonates with you, reply to them.

If you see something you like on there, be it a knitting pattern or whatever, then retweet it. (Retweeting it simply means that instead of their tweet being confined to only their followers seeing it, it will suddenly be opened up to all YOUR followers being able to see the most awesome knitting pattern too. Therefore gaining their appreciation as you’ve single handedly doubled their audience.)

If you’re a writer/journalist and you’re not on there, then you’re a fool.

Not only can you keep up with the news literally as soon as it breaks (before any mainstream media at all has even had chance to get down to the scene as people on street level and as eye witnesses are tweeting as it happens) but you can follow all the latest media jobs. Not to mention that you can speak to people in senior national editorial positions that you wouldn’t usually be chatting away with.

It’s all about contacts, and Twitter is full of them.

Some things about Twitter:

What is a hashtag, and what does it do?

If you put a hashtag before a word, it acts as a kind of bookmark. A bookmark that allows anyone searching for that term to come across your tweet as well as others.

Hashtags are great for Twitter conversations as they keep all relevant tweets in one place, and allows you to chat to other people on the same topic at the same time.

Great for if you want to hold a Twitter party to promote your business and get everyone talking about you.

Content. Post content!

Don’t just post links to stuff. Seriously. If you’ve got a blog post for example that you’d love everyone else to see, then make sure you’re not just posting links on Twitter and nothing else. People will automatically assume you’re a spammer. ENGAGE with people. Inter-act with them, and they know you’re not some weird spam robot.

Which brings me onto my next point.

Post a profile picture of yourself

It makes you seem more human. If your picture is of the generic Twitter egg, people are going to be thinking they’re followed by a spam bot and will be less inclined to follow you back.

Above all, be yourself on there. People will automatically want to follow then. 🙂

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I don’t know what’s happened to this week, but so far it’s been a week that Mr Bump would be proud of.

Not just any old accidents. No. They’re straight out of the comic books or a Mr Bean sketch.

The eldest has been sent home from school early today as he managed to knee himself in the eye while doing a roly poly. Whaaaaaaa??!!

He’s fine, by the way. If not a little bit of a div.

As for me, I decided to clear out the cupboards at the beginning of the week.

We now have sparkly clean, streamlined cupboards with everything in its place.

My foot, however, is half normal colour and half blue and black due to a full bottle of Calpol medicine falling from the topmost shelf, where they’re kept out of reach right onto my poor tootsies.

Never let one of those fall on your toes.

They HURT!

I think the expletive “SON OF A NUTCRACKER!” (thanks to the Elf film for that one 😀 ) slipped out of my mouth.

I like original family friendly ‘swear words.’

Fffffiddlesticks and Shhhhhabba being others.

It’s more fun that way.

Then my mum visited today, and managed to get her little finger bent back in the bathroom door as she was opening it. Again, whaaa?!

It’s all gone crackers.

Let’s hope that’s it for accidents now, daft or not.

Keeping all fingers crossed that the smallest and the husband manage not to pick up the clumsy bug. (if said fingers are  not too busy being stuck behind bathroom doors, that is.)

What’s the daftest accident you’ve had? Take my mind off my purple foot…






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It’s that time of year again where I get down on my hands and knees and plead at your feet for a few votes in the Mad Blog Awards which is now up and running for 2014.

Blimey, it only seems like yesterday since the last lot of awards!

If you enjoy reading this blog (or even if you don’t and think I witter on far too much :-D) please consider voting for me in any categories you think fit me (Best Writer, or schooldays/ family days for example.)

Last year I did extremely well and got all the way through to the final round of voting. Thank you!

This year I’d love to go ALLLL the way (oo-er) so if you are feeling generous there’s a great big “Nominate Me!” badge over there —– to the right hand side of this post.

I’m nothing if not subtle.

So, why not grab a cup of tea, coffee, or whatever and have a sit down and read through my blog posts. If you like what you see, please vote.

If you don’t, well heck have a vote anyway.

Just click on the nominate badge and it will take you to the Mad Awards site where you can register your vote.

Here’s to the Mad Blog Awards and hopefully through to the finals!



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