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The world famous fashion designers, Dolce and Gabbana, caused outrage yesterday by voicing views denouncing same sex parenting.

The fashion powerhouse claimed in an interview entitled ‘Long Live The Traditional Family’ that they were against gay people using IVF  in order to create babies, and claimed that “children need both a mother and a father.”

The internet’s gone into meltdown, Elton John’s hit the roof, gone on the attack and there’s now a rapidly gaining momentum “Boycott Dolce and Gabbana” campaign taking off.

Twitter is full of outrage too.

All of this kind of makes me uneasy, as there’s so much vitriol being spouted their way just for daring to express an opinion that goes against what is thought of as ‘right on’.

Are people not allowed a differing opinion any more? I’m not saying here I agree, but I DO think that they are entitled to hold their beliefs and should be entitled to express them without people trying to sabotage their business and boycott their stuff.

(Although I doubt they’ll be crying TOO loudly into their designer handkerchiefs at the thought of bankruptcy.)

Just because they believe in a family with a mother and a father both present, doesn’t make their opinion any less valid.

Just like it doesn’t make same sex parenting wrong either – there’s no ‘wrong’ way.

Both are families.

All it means is that people have differing views, and as such should be able to express them without fear of the backlash they’re getting.

They are entitled to their opinion after all, just like you’re entitled to yours…

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Another day, and it’s another shout of protestation from disgruntled parents crying because their child has been sent home from school for wearing an incorrect piece of clothing.

This time, it’s an academy in Middlesborough that’s had to send home 11 pupils for not attending school in the ‘correct footwear.’

The correct footwear being a pair of plain black shoes and nothing else. Some parents though, it seems, have decided to interpret their own meaning of this and have come to some misguided conclusion that Kickers shoes are all black and plain and can therefore be worn.

Mindfully and artfully ignoring the little colourful label that sticks out on the aforementioned shoes rendering them not plain at all, really.

So should they really be so surprised when their children are sent home for not following the rules?! Plain is plain. It’s not rocket science.

I don’t get the whole bleating to the press with a sob story when you’re blatantly seen to be taking the widdle and stretching points just to see if you can get away with it.

School uniforms are universal to everyone. They’re laid out what you are and aren’t supposed to wear. Gaily coloured labels on the side of your foot, however unobtrusive, doesn’t constitute a plain black shoe as required whatever you may think.

Get your child respecting the rules and following them, instead of pooh poohing them and running crying to the media in the hope of a bit of sympathy.

Nope, not going to wash. Get some plain shoes next time. Proper ones.

What do you think?

School bans black Kickers as part of uniform article

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We’re a big fan of the written word here, and with several bookcases full of books you’re never far away from a good book to get stuck into.

Whatever your age.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re never too young to get interested in books.

With the two children of the house, they’ve been ‘reading’ books since they were about 6 months old, and now at 7 and 11 years old they love to pick up a book and read to themselves.

Yes, from 6 months old. Admittedly, they don’t do much actual reading at that age, and just prefer to gum the book instead and use it as a teething ring, but the act of picking up a book and looking at the pictures is still a good habit to instil.

To save soggy paper, cloth books are the best bet here! You can get cloth versions of the classic kids books such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar so they can chew as much as they like. 🙂

When they get to around a year old, they can sit on your knee and try and turn the pages over as you’re reading for extra fun and games.

Try a bath version of the books as well with a waterproof one.

You can even buy little books that attach to the side of your pushchair as well called Buggy Buddies.

These were a godsend when out and about in town as it would keep them amused for ages in the pushchair, and there was no chance of losing them as they couldn’t throw them out as they were firmly attached by a plastic twirly clip.


Nowadays, they have a bookcase full of books, are strong readers and pick up a book for fun. Just the way it should be. Current favourites at the moment for the 11 year old are any David Walliams book, and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

The 7 year old prefers the Horrid Henry series.

As for me, I read everything and anything too – including the children’s classics. Like I said, you’re never too young or old to read, and escape into a fantasyland….

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Every year, our primary school has escaped the madness that is Book Day dressing up, and has just had a lovely book fair in the school hall instead.

(Any excuse to buy new books is fine by me.)

This year, however, in their infinite wisdom, they’ve decided to follow the other sheep (sorry, schools) and have said that the children are to dress up.

Yes, I know, I KNOW it’s all a bit of fun, and I need to lighten up, but that doesn’t stop me doing a big internal scream and sweating a bit at the mere thought of having to think up a costume.

Making things isn’t my ‘thing’. Words are. So, I will not be joining the ranks of the Alpha Uber Mummy Brigade and hand knitting my own costumes, or indeed spending a shedload in a mad panic at the local fancy dress shop.

If you’re like me, what you need to do instead is decide what you DO have in and they go as a character from that.

Luckily for me, we’re all Harry Potter bonkers here, so we already have a Gryffindor scarf and a wand. A pair of round glasses purchased from Poundland and a lightning shaped scar on his head and voila, he’s Harry Potter.

We’re sorted, he’s happy and all for the princely sum of a pound!

If you’re still wondering what to do for World Book Day, here’s some other easy, lazy, cheap (take your pick) ideas:


The Worst Witch

Have you got any Halloween costumes kicking about? If you’ve got a witches dress and hat, you can go as Mildred Hubble from The Worst Witch series.

Pippi Longstocking

Another dead easy one. A pair of colourful stripy tights and a frock, and hair tied into plaits. Sorted.


Where’s Wally?

Stripy red and white t-shirt. Ta-da.

Just William

Hey, they don’t even have to go in anything but uniform here. Just have some knee length trouser shorts (get raiding the summer uniform wardrobe) and sling a satchel over their shoulder.

(Don’t forget a cap as well.)

Next year, hopefully it’s back to the book stalls again…..

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As a child of the Eighties, I’ve been left feeling a bit giddy that one of my favourites, Dangermouse is being brought back to life and to a new generation of children.

Originally voiced by Sir David Jason, the new version sees Pointless game show host Alexander Armstrong taking on the voice of the super mouse, and the late Terry Scott (his sidekick Penfold) is to be replaced too.

Apparently Superted and the Clangers are to make a return as well.

There’s always the worry that ‘new fangled’ versions of old favourites will be messed around with too much, so it will be good to see what the new episodes bring.

The 80’s had a glut of brilliant children’s programmes, and here’s just a few more I’d bring back!

Remember any of these?!


A saggy old cloth cat, but Emily loved him.

Fraggle Rock

“Dance your cares away, worries for another day…”

Raggy Dolls

“It’s not much of a pretty life, when you’re just a pretty face, just to be whoever you are is no disgrace…”


“When Eric eats a banana…”

These were just a few of my favourites, and would love to see these brought back to the screen. Not necessarily re-made, just brought back in all their original glory!

What was your favourite children’s show, and are you in favour of them making a comeback  or should they stay in our memories?

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As a busy parent, it’s sometimes hard to find 5 minutes to yourself, but when you do it’s nice to just sit back and relax, doing things YOU want to do for a change.

When the peace and quiet descends, it helps to have a hobby or a favourite pastime.

At the moment, my top 5 things to do are…


I’ve always loved to settle down with a good book. Although I tend to have the concentration span of a gnat lately and need to get back into some proper book reading, and not just magazines and newspapers.

Social media

Of course. Where would I be without Facebook, Twitter and my blog? Probably rocking in a corner somewhere, that’s where,

Making wine charms

I’ve never been particularly crafty. In fact, you could go as far to say I’m pretty crap at making things. After all, I’m the person who made a box in high school, picked it up and all the sides promptly fell off. Gah.

I have found a speciality thing to make though, which I am GOOD at. Oh yes. (Maybe because it involves wine?!)

Making pretty charms to go round the stem of wine glasses so that you don’t get your drink mixed up with others.

There’s something quite therapeutic about making these.

wine charms butterfly set


My most favourite thing of all. Whether it be thinking up ideas for short stories, boring everyone half to death on my blog, or wittering on over at Twitter, Facebook, or other random places flung about the internet, I’m always writing.

Going to the cinema

I also love going to the cinema. Although it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, due to the fact that you have to practically re-mortgage your house every time you go just to be able to afford the damn tickets.

What’s your favourite pastime?

I’m joining in with the Prime 5 linky over here

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