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When your children are small, it’s easy to shield from the news as all you have to do is turn Cbeebies on and a bit of Mr Tumble or whatever will distract them.

By the time they get to high school age, and 11 going on 12, it’s a bit harder to police.

Take the atrocities by murdering terrorist groups in the news this week.

“People got shot on a beach in Tunisia. Why?” is what I was asked.

How do you answer why when you can’t fathom the motive yourself?

People went on holiday, and never came home.

A blogger excitedly tweeted “Definitely leaving in like three hours and definitely am not finished packing.”

All excited for her upcoming getaway, only to never return home on a madman’s actions.

It could have been anyone of us, sending out an unwitting final tweet before going and sunning ourselves on our holidays.

I don’t know why it happened. Does any sane person capable of rational thinking?

The only answer you can give, which is what I did is this…

11 year old: “People got shot on a beach in Tunisia. Why?”

“I don’t know. Anyone normal and thinking right can’t understand either. It’s a case of “this is what I believe in. If you don’t believe in the same thing then you’re getting shot. It’s stupid.”

11 year old – “Exactly. Completely stupid.”

Think that says it all really.


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When you read an article in a national newspaper about how children can’t be shouted at, or praised, you start to despair a little bit.

Why the hell not? If they’re being little shites, then they need to be pulled up on it. How else are they going to learn?!

Likewise when they’re achieving, and doing well. Shouldn’t they be told so that they’re proud of what they’ve been doing?

Not much of an incentive to behave if they don’t get recognised for it anyway.

I take umbrage with this, too. “Discipline is not the only unusual policy at the school. In 2012 it broke with the tradition of having playtime and lunch at fixed times. Instead the pupils and staff decide among themselves when to take a break. And in some weeks pupils are given hot chocolate and bacon butties for breakfast as part of Mrs Tomlinson’s drive to create a ‘comfortable’ environment.”

Who’s running the show? The teachers or the pupils?! Balls to whether they want their break time earlier or not, or  fancy a bacon butty. They’re there to LEARN.

There’s no wonder there’s such terrible incidents hitting the mainstream media lately about teachers being attacked if there’s crap like this going on.

No boundaries, no sense of consequence. No wonder they feel like they can do what the hell they like.

Children NEED safe, secure boundaries and to know right from wrong. Not be shielded from any consequences to actions and to go through life doing whatever the chuff they like as they’ve never know any different.

Schools that think otherwise need to buck up and sort themselves out.

What do you think?

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Schooldays have always been brightened up by the thought of a class day out, or if you’re lucky, a residential trip for a few nights away.

I have fond memories of going on a week long residential the first year of high school to an outdoor pursuits centre, which involved activities such as abseiling off viaducts, caving, and canoeing.

There was also a year trip to France for a lucky few in the third year (drawn out of a hat so not everyone got to go.)

So far, so good. France is far away enough to feel like a proper holiday, and you get to visit a different country without being too far from home.

Now, though? Like everything else, (proms, anyone?! ) schools seem to be having to go one better, one bigger, and more ostentatious.

Not content with jaunts to France, some schools are laying out trips to places like Barbados.

Barbados. I ask you. Nothing wrong with Barbados, I’d love to go there – but since when did school trips start to go halfway across the world and cost more than a family holiday?!

Trip of a lifetime, that. Not a school jaunt.

Ours can go to Australia in one of the years.  Literally the other side of the world. On what planet is that a reasonable school trip?! I dread to think how much that would cost.

They’re busy fundraising for it right now. Tip – if the place you want to go to costs so bloody much that you have to fundraise for it, maybe you’re going a tad too far. Back up a bit and have a think.

Flying high school kids nearly 11,000 miles is a little bit very excessive.

Maybe they need more parents to stand up and say “hang on, do you think we go into the garden and pluck money off the money tree, or produce it from our arse?!”

Maybe then we might get a semblance of normality in all the craziness.

What do you think? Excessive, or fun?

Let us know via the comments and tell us where the furthest place your school goes for school trips!

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