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Dear fussy kids

I remember a time when you happily sat in your highchair, eating lovingly pureed parsnips and tomatoes were eaten instead of eyed with suspicion.

A time when you ate near enough whatever was put in front of you.

So what happened? Eh!?! You tell me.

As the years have rolled by, there’s been a steady adding to the list of something or other.

Onions, cabbage, spinach, have all been ditched.

Not to mention the fact that what one likes, the other steadfastly refuses to acknowledge which narrows down the teatime dishes some what.

One likes cottage pie, one doesn’t.

One likes chilli con carne, one doesn’t.

I suppose I should be grateful for the fact there is some mutually respected dishes such as fish pie, Sunday roasts, and pasta bake.

Carrots, broccoli, peas, sweetcorn, cauliflower.

We’ve made a small breakthrough in the fact that youngest now loves mushrooms and sprouts after trying them.

Now if we can get the eldest to actually try new foods instead of looking like you’re trying to poison him, or doing the dying swan act if by some small miracle he actually gets it from fork to mouth.

THEN we can get the bunting out and have a party. Or something.

You know what?

Tonight we’re having pearl barley and vegetable casserole. I can pretty much guarantee that there’ll be at least one ingredient in  there that someone will decide to moan over.

Well, tough boobles.

We had Mcdonalds last night, tonight I’m bringing on the home cooking.

Take it or leave it.

Just remember to leave your whines at the door of Café Hard Cheese before you enter.

As you were….


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We’re about three weeks into the school summer holidays here, and if you asked the small people, they’d say the holidays weren’t nearly long enough and should be double.

In reality, though, they’d moan they were bored if they were any longer.

It’s great to have days out, but it’s not feasible to go on days out every day – not only money wise, but it’s GOOD for them to be ‘bored’ every now and again and have unstructured time to think up things to do themselves.

So far this holiday, we’ve had a lovely day out  at the seaside when we went to Whitby, and ate fish and chips at The Magpie Café.

We’ve been swimming.

We’ve been to the local soft play.

We’ve been to a trampoline park and had fun with lots of bouncing.

We’re going on holiday for a few days soon.

We’ve spent today at the local playday activity session, which included a miniature petting farm, with cute alpacas, goats, and pigs.

Not to mention playing giant versions of snakes and ladders, Connect 4, and hopscotch there.

We’re still only halfway through the holidays, and as lovely as they are they can get expensive trying to think up new things to do every day.

So far, the wallet hasn’t been crying too much though as we’ve managed to have fun and find local activities for not much pence.

I wonder where the rest of the holidays will take us? Hopefully not me round the bend…..

Do you think the holidays are too long? Or just right? Do they work out expensive or have you come up with cheap ways to keep them amused?

Let me know your thoughts via the comments box! 🙂

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