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As usual, with half term, it seems to disappear in a frenzy of a mix of trying to keep the small ones amused, occupied and exercised.

Some days we spend not doing much, as I think it’s good to have some ‘down’ days too.

Whatever type of day we have, with two boisterous boys we have to include some exercise in the day as well otherwise they end up going crazy.

Not to mention me as they drive me slightly mad with their arguing if they get cooped up for too long.

Great activities we’ve done so far are…

– playing football

– collecting conkers

– running races

– letting off steam in the park.

One of my favourite autumnal pastimes always used to be finding lots of fallen leaves and wading through them, especially if they were lovely and crunchy.

With all this running around, though, they seem to get hungry all the time. I’m not surprised, though, with the amount of charging about they do – I get tired just watching them! 🙂

Which is why I always make sure there’s plenty of snack type things to eat to keep their energy levels up, whether it be fruit such as bananas, toast, breadsticks or yoghurt.

It’s important to keep them refuelled what with expending so much energy, so I’m always keen to try new snack ideas to keep their interest.

As they’re big yoghurt fans, I was very eager to try out a new product which we hadn’t come across before, called Yollies.

For those of you who don’t know, Yollies are yoghurts in the shape of lollies on a stick. The novelty characters,such as a pirate, added even more fun to the product.

Much hilarity can be had by saying “arrrr!” pirate style as you crack into it!


The strawberry and the raspberry flavours were the firm favourites, and along with our usual portable dairy snack of Cheestrings, which we also love, would both make a great lunch box addition when school starts back next week.

I always like to include a dairy item in the packed lunches, and Yollies will definitely be featuring in packed lunches from now on, along with Cheestrings which we have had, and enjoyed, in the past.

Cheestrings and Yollies have a great website too called the Brave Bones Club which children can visit, collect online badges and play.

Netmums also has a page dedicated to more snack inspiration and ideas.


We were given some Cheestrings and Yollies in order to do this review. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are completely our own true ones.



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As a huge Back To The Future fan, today is an exciting day for fellow geeks such as myself as we finally hit October 21st, 2015.

Yes, today is the day that Marty McFly and his friend Doc Brown arrived in after they stepped into the flying De’Lorean and travelled 30 years into the future.

“Great Scott!”

So, how far have we actually come in the last thirty years, and has the futuristic vision of 2015 materialised?

I’m still waiting for my hoverboard. Or my Pitbull. They’d be even better.

“Hey, McFly, you bozo, those boards don’t work on water! Unless you got POWER”! 🙂

We may still be waiting for hoverboards, and flying cars, but in other aspects I think we’re doing pretty well.

So what have we got now that we didn’t have in 1985?

video calls

Marty McFly talking to Needles via video phone. A phone? That’s a video call? Stuff from Science Fiction Theatre back then. We can do it now though.

TV’s on the wall

a pretty ‘far out’ notion when they used to be big clunky things  in the corner of your living room.

Marty McFly Junior’s glasses

Don’t they look and sound remarkably like Google Glass?!

We’re getting there, people, we’re getting there. Sure, we’re still waiting for the Skyways to open to traffic, and hoverboards to become our favourite mode of transport, but we have made progress in the last thirty years.

At one point we laughed at the thought of video calls. Maybe in 2045 our children and grandchildren will be laughing about our past selves and lack of hoverboards.

How did we ever get about?!

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