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When I announced that this year  we might do something different for Christmas Eve, by the look on the dropped faces you would have thought I’d have said I was off out puppy kicking instead.

Let me explain. Every year on Christmas Eve, we have a buffet style party tea – I’ll buy a suitably Christmassy tablecloth with jolly Santas or cheery snowmen on, and paper plates and napkins to match.

Tea will comprise of pizza, buns, sandwiches, sausage rolls, etc. You know the kind of thing.

This year, however, we’re thinking of having a change and ordering takeaway instead.

We’re still having the Christmassy table, of course. I’m not changing things THAT much. How would it be a Christmas Eve tea without the festive looking table?!

The only difference this year is that the food on there would be Domino’s pizza or Chinese take-away.

The reasoning behind this change of plan is because we thought it’d be easier to have a take-away and then there’s nothing to clear away afterwards.

So the Dad can get straight on with his own  tradition of making the cranberry and bread sauce for dinner the next day.

Makes sense, right?!

So this year, we’re going to attempt a new idea.

I’m introducing a North Pole breakfast instead. Shamelessly pinched the idea from that freaky looking Elf thing who descends on some poor sods every year and wreaks havoc in the name of supposed cuteness.

Breakfast, without the Elf.

I mean, being a kid and waking up to find that this had ‘come alive’ during the night and made mischief would be enough to scare the crap out of any sane child.

So instead, we’ll have our breakfast. I can’t see them complaining as it will comprise of pancake reindeers (seriously. Look on Pinterest. It has a lot to answer for… 😀 ) fruit candy canes, and marshmallow for snowman poo.

Pancakes, sweets and fruit for breakfast. What’s not to like?!

I’m keeping it a surprise though, so no telling them. Shhh.

Do you have any  Christmas Eve traditions, and if so would you ever dream of changing them?!

Let me know in the comments box….





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