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As a blogger, a prolific Tweeter and avid Facebooker, I’ve been known to blog milestones in the small  people growing up.

Oh, and recently Instagram. With faces obscured, or random body parts such as hands holding objects.

The tooth fairy visiting?

Past April Fool jokes?

All very well and good on the blog, as I never put pictures of faces or actual names on here.

When it comes to Facebook though, as it’s all set to private and I only have people I know on there, I have been guilty of putting ‘proper’ pictures up and silly anecdotes.

The eldest is now nearly 13 (!) so if I take a picture I automatically get a “that’d better not go on Facebook.”

I totally respect that. I don’t think I’ve got a photo of him online actually showing his face anywhere for the past few years.

I see bloggers, with tales of what their kids are getting up to. Accompanied with pictures, and how they are overcoming potty training posts and I’ve even seen potty like pictures.

I’ve never done any post so personal, but when the child gets to nearly age 13, do you stop and think “hang on, do they want to be seeing this as they’re growing up?!”

They’re their own person, after all.

Do they want their entire childhood splashed openly online for anyone to see or search?

Us, as the adults, get the choice. Do they, really, when we’ve been putting it out there since they were born?!

What do you think?




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