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When the kids have had a full day’s work at school, you’d think the first thing they’d want to do is kick off their shoes, take off their uniform and just veg out in front of the telly.

If your household is anything like ours though, once school is over there’s a whole lot of different places to be.

Between our two, they have Cubs, swimming lessons and football practice.

I suppose it could be worse, as we do have a couple of evenings where there’s nowhere to go and they can just play on the Wii or read or whatever.

On the days that we have lessons though, there seems to be a mad dash to get there and somehow to fit tea in as well.

Dilemmas such as do we have tea before or after swimming?

If it’s before, we need to keep it light so there’s no feeling like a lead balloon in the middle of the pool.

If it’s after, they’ll be complaining they’re dying of starvation and need to eat RIGHT NOW.

“Is it ready yet? Is it READY yet?!”

<counts to ten>

It’s the after school club evenings that I find myself rushing to cook, so to make it easier when I cook a dish, I always make a bit extra so that it can easily be frozen and taken out for an instant ready meal.

Bolognese sauce and soups freeze brilliantly, and we just take them out of the freezer and put them in the microwave to defrost and heat up thoroughly.

It works well for weaning babies as well – cook and puree vegetables separately, and let them cool completely.

Then pop them into an ice cube tray so you can pop out carrots or potato etc whenever you need them!

Just thoroughly defrost and heat up and you have a meal all ready to go.

It’s a great time saver, and Panasonic microwave ovens have a great range to choose from, whatever it is you’re looking for.

Quick and easy is the way to go, whilst still staying healthy and getting the right food to keep us active and sustained.

Do you find yourself rushing to and from after school clubs? Or just have busy days in general?

If so, what do you do food wise on these days?

Share your tips and/or what you do in the comments below!



This post is in collaboration with Panasonic.



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It might have taken its time showing up, but the sun has finally made an appearance this week which can only mean one thing…. barbecue season.

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we decide that cooking is best done outdoors, don our pinnies  and start cremating sausages over hot coals.

(I don’t know WHY food tastes better outside, it just does. Laws of physics, or summer or something like that.)

You don’t even need a great big garden and barbecue contraption that wouldn’t look out of place at NASA.

Look, see? Bucket travel BBQ’s. They’re the future. (As Peter Kay would say.)



In our case, we get out picnic blankets to sit on (to stop pesky ants trying to crawl up your skirt and whatnot) and get the coals suitably hot enough to start cooking food on.

Which takes approximately eleventy billion years, give or take.

By which time you’re seriously wondering whether to start nibbling at the aforementioned picnic blanket.

Nibbles. Nibbles are good. Maybe not of the picnic blanket variety, so make sure you have a nice big bowl of salad and some corn on the cob to keep you going until the burgers decide to cook.

Bat away all the flies that decide to descend and join you in the garden (they’re friendly like that.)

Although we’ve got wise to them now.

Ha, try supping my wine NOW, loser.


All that needs to  be done now is fill up the punch bowl with a drink of your choice.


If you’re feeling generous, you could make it a non alcoholic one so all the little kiddywinkles can have some too.

A nice fruit based one, orange or apricot based always goes down well.

Or fill it with bottles of white wine, orange juice and some nice chilled grape slices and face plant yourself in it with a big straw.

Happy summer, everybody!


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