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It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that us grown ups were in fact the children, but in the grand scheme of parenting it might as well have been a hundred years ago as it’s changed that much.

Who remembers these?

Going to the pub

Pre Wetherspoons days, where the pubs are family friendly places that stay open all day, that is.

Back when the pubs used to just open on a lunchtime for a couple of hours, and when they did, children weren’t allowed in the actual bar so had to sit outside with their Mum and Dad as well with the can of cola and bag of crisps.


No car seats

Car seats and booster seats for kids? Unheard of. Just strap yourself in the back, and away you go. As long as you had a seatbelt, that was all that was needed!

Brightly coloured food

The more gaudy, the better. E numbers? What are they?! It’s not a real party if the jelly’s not bright red, and the sweets don’t turn your tongue blue.


Clouds of smoke wafting over your food as you eat lunch whilst out? Parents or relatives smoking in the car whilst you silently gag in the back due to all the fumes?!

Yuck. Hard to imagine life pre smoking bans now, isn’t it?

Luckily for kids in these times, the dangers of such things are more widely known, and inventions such as car seats, additive free food and smoking alternatives are now widely available.

Vapelux disposable e cigarettes are one such invention, and provide a way to give up smoking.

They come in a variety of different fruity smells, which smell infinitely nicer than clouds of smoke!


What things did you do as a child that aren’t the norm?

I’d love to know via the comments box below!


This post is in collaboration with Vapelux.



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Summer Car Journeys

One of the best things for us about the upcoming summer months is the loading up of the car and the heading off to the beach for a bit of seaside fun.

It’s what memories are made of. A bit of sun, some sand, and a bucket and spade to build awesome sandcastles surrounded by a moat an the obligatory flag (usually an ice lolly stick) waving proudly out of the top.

Not to mention some paddling in the sea as well. Which would usually be freezing, but that’s half the fun!

waters edge filey

The car journey for us when we were little would begin with everyone piling into the car, Dad driving and Mum with the little bag of pear drops and sherbet lemons to suck on as Dad manoeuvred the streets to take us to our coastal destination.

Wales was always a firm favourite, so quite a lot of driving was involved for this.

Just hoping that we didn’t actually ever get lost, because actually asking for directions was never on the cards. You can’t ask for directions, that’s far too easy! Surely you’re meant to go round and round in circles getting more and more irate when you can’t figure out which way to go?!😀

No? Just us?! Oh well…….

As there can be a lot of driving involved for summer holidays, don’t forget to check your car tyres and make sure there’s some spare ones in the boot for emergencies.

Point-S  has a great range of tyres available in all kinds of tyre types and brands, so there’s bound to be one to match your needs and car.

What are your favourite car driving and trip memories?

Wherever you go this year, make sure lots of good memories are made!:-)



This post was in collaboration with Point-S.



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