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There comes a time in life when if you’ve been told about Santa/Father Christmas, you’re expected to ditch everything you ever knew and to just accept the fact that he’s not real and get on with life as normal.

Whilst that’s easy for the boring grown ups to say, who’s to say that the magic of Christmas has to die too just because you’re suddenly faced with reality and the fact that getting about the world within one night becomes infeasible?

Think about it. Bend the laws of physics just a little (he is magic, after all) and with a little tweak he may be able to go faster than the speed of light.

Making it entirely possible to deliver all manner of presents in one night.

Santa isn’t about knowing what he can and can’t do physically.

It’s about the magic being created behind Christmas.

I still tear up when Santa’s sleigh rises up on account of all the Christmas cheer and loud singing at the end of the movie Elf.

It’s not what you know, it’s what you believe. I believe that the Christmas magic is available to whoever wants it, and is able to accept it.

It can always be magical whatever your age.

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