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If you’ve got small kids, then you’ve more than likely heard of a children’s TV channel called Cbeebies.

You know, the one where they have Bedtime Hour. Boy, I used to love Bedtime Hour.

You used to know where you were with it, and so did the kids. (Unfortunately they’ve grown up a bit now and have outgrown it. If I tried putting them to bed when the goodnight message comes up at 7pm now they’d laugh loudly in my face.)

Bit of In The Night Garden which is then followed by the Bedtime Story, narrated by a different famous face every night.

Which brings me onto the latest social media conflict at the minute.

Cbeebies has some (lovely, lovely) person in charge at the minute who has tapped into a great marketing ploy – give the harassed mums at home who get tortured daily with sodding Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka, and all the rest of them a treat and make them sit up and have something to look at.

Yes. Tom Hardy. Now I can’t say I’m massively fussed about Tom Hardy, but you’d have to be a little crazy to not see that he is quite easy on the eye.

Cue social media going into meltdown with two points of view – those commenting stuff like “phwoarrgh, oh yeah, he’s mighty fine” or “cor blimey, I wouldn’t half want to get him reading me a bedtime story,  know what I mean Tom? Come tuck me in before you do, fnarr fnarr.”

Then the other half outraged that it’s just so sexist and that men would never be allowed to say stuff like that about female presenters.

Says who? Men have been doing it for years. Time for the ladies to have a turn.

So, in the interest of fairness, maybe Cbeebies should put some female eye candy on for Father’s Day.

Then they could knock themselves out (no rudeness intended) ogling them, and leaving us ladies to enjoy our own Mother’s Day treat.

Then everybody’s happy. Although no doubt there’d still be moaning….

What do  you think? What side are you on?


<P.S Cbeebies if you’re reading this, can you please try and persuade Sean Bean to do the next bedtime story. Ta muchly. I’ll be forever your friend if you do. > 🙂



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