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This weekend has brought a new era of parenting and one which feels a little alien.

As the eldest is now nearly 15 (!) and the youngest is at his grandparent’s for the weekend, me and the Dad are facing a new dilemma.

14 year old is out playing football with his mates for the day, and this leaves us with a child free house.

Whooohoo! (Love ’em really.)

We can go out for the afternoon!

The Dad,being all sensible and not an over-thinking mess like I am, is fine with this and points out he’s not going to be back before us anyway.

The 14 year old having his own key and everything.

Me, I’m thinking:

“What if he loses his key by leaving his bag at the side of the goalpost?” (If you knew him, you’d know this was definitely likely.)

“What if he then wants to come back and can’t get in ‘cos we’ve gone for a walk into town?”

“What if he takes his coat off, someone (or a stray dog) runs off with it and he’s then cold and he can’t get back in to get another coat as we’re still out in town….”


I managed to cop onto myself and get a grip and have just been out for the past hour.

On returning, there’s no sign of him and Rational Me knows there won’t be until much later anyway as he’s too busy out having fun.

Anyone else do the over-thinking thing? Just me? Hope not.

As for leaving them home alone – when do you or did you first start?

Any comments if you got this far most welcome…..


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