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In an age where the average Joe Public spends a lot of time online, it seems pertinent that we also have an unlimited access to reality TV shows where ordinary people want to be on television, or just to be famous.

At what price though? Celebrities have media training. Your average person doesn’t and has to learn to ignore negative reactions all by themselves.

In the middle of Mental Health Week, the news is reporting that a contestant on the Jeremy Kyle show has taken their own life after appearing on the show which has now been cancelled as a result.

It’s playing with people’s emotions for the sake of a few cheap laughs at their expense.

Winding them up and watching them go.

It’s not just the Jeremy Kyle show though. These so called reality shows are everywhere.

Take the X Factor, for example.

Openly laughing and mocking people who “can’t sing”, making out it’s a talent contest but just seems to be more about rivalry between the judges than the actual acts.

Big Brother (which thankfully has gone now) started out actually interesting and like a genuine social experiment but as the years went by got more and more outrageous and people desperate to shock for their five minutes of fame.

Separating housemates into different parts and pitting them against each other, which will have taken a toll on their mental wellbeing.

There’s much more awareness of mental health now, and more talking about it.

Let’s hope this is just the start of a new era in TV, and treating people like crap for the sake of ratings and entertainment won’t be tolerated or seen as the norm anymore.






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