Up until now, it’s always been easy to know where your child is at any given time and have him close by to you.

Take them to school, and pick them up again to bring them back into the family home again.

What happens when they have started high school though and make their own way to and from school in a morning?

They walk themselves there, and walk themselves back and you just have to trust that they will come straight back home and not dawdle along the way with their mates.

Then when they do come home, they want to be straight out again.

When they’re 8 years old, like the youngest, it’s a lot easier as you know where they are.

With you.

Even when they’re playing, you’re in charge of where they are.

When they’re nearly 13 though? You have to learn to let go a little bit.

Laying some ground rules of course.

A set time to come back, that they’re to stick to of course if they’re wanting to be allowed out next time.ūüôā

Of course, today’s world makes it easier with the invention of mobile phones which certainly weren’t around when I was 13.

It makes it a little bit easier, at least.

That’s OK, you go off out and I’ll just pace up and down until it’s time for you to come home.

Only then can I relax.

I think it must be a parent thing.

At what age do yours go off with friends, or into town?

Let us know via the comments box!


It’s been one of those mornings in this household where you feel the whole house would fall down if you were suddenly taken ill and had to take to your bed.

“Where’s my tie?! I can’t find my tie. You didn’t give me my tie.”

Putting aside the fact they’re¬†perfectly capable of laying their own school clothes out¬†on a night¬†and don’t need me to do it for them, to keep the peace I have a wander upstairs and see the bloody tie about two steps away in the middle of the floor.

As, you know, if it doesn’t jump up and bite you on the nose end then it’s impossible to see.

So, I’m putting myself on hold and setting up some kind of hotline.

Dial 1 for clean socks


Dial 2 for lost items that contrary to popular belief I can’t just pull out of my arse


Dial 3 for “tell it to the hand as the face ain’t bovvered” whilst putting them on hold to torture music of your choice for several hours.

Some type of so called ‘mum’ music that will be sure to enrage them further, just for the laughs.

In my case, that’d be music from the 80s and therefore deemed ancient.

When you’re all set up, squirrel yourself away in the Call Centre hub, which is a locked room of your choice, chocolate, enough wine to sink a battleship, and dvd boxsets on loop whilst Dad can take on role of personal maid and mug.

If there’s any problems with this, you can find me on 01 don’t give a chuff 2 5.

In the meantime, listen to some nice relaxing music as I stick you all on hold….. bzzzz


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The Christmas tree has been packed away for another year, and your living room looks a little sad and bare.

christmas tree

Not to mention the fact that you feel like a baby hippo due to the excessive eating of mince pies and tins of Quality Street whilst blobbed in front of the telly.

Yes, it’s January again, and your alarm’s gone off at what feels like stupid o’clock as it’s time to start going back to work or doing the school run.

A bit of January blues chasing is what’s needed.

Here’s a couple of my favourites.

Plan yourself a holiday, or even just a night away. Looking at sunnier climes or even just the thought of a night away somewhere different will lift the spirits.

Even if you’re not planning to go away anywhere, just the thought of beaches and sunshine makes you feel a bit brighter!

saltburn by the sea


Dust off your walking boots and hit the fresh air. Even if it’s just a stroll round your neighbourhood, it’ll blow away the cobwebs and shake your brain out if its¬†festive fug.

exploring castle s

What do you do to  make January seem that little bit brighter?

Let me know via the comments box!ūüôā



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When I announced that this year¬† we might do something different for Christmas Eve, by the look on the dropped faces you would have thought I’d have said I was off out puppy kicking instead.

Let me explain. Every year on Christmas Eve, we have a buffet style party tea – I’ll buy a suitably Christmassy tablecloth with jolly Santas or cheery snowmen on, and paper plates and napkins to match.

Tea will comprise of pizza, buns, sandwiches, sausage rolls, etc. You know the kind of thing.

This year, however, we’re thinking of having a change and ordering takeaway instead.

We’re still having the Christmassy table, of course. I’m not changing things THAT much. How would it be a Christmas Eve¬†tea without the¬†festive looking¬†table?!

The only difference this year is that the food on there would be Domino’s pizza or Chinese take-away.

The reasoning behind this change of plan is because we thought it’d be easier to have a take-away and then there’s nothing to clear away afterwards.

So the Dad can get straight on with his own  tradition of making the cranberry and bread sauce for dinner the next day.

Makes sense, right?!

So this year, we’re going to attempt a new idea.

I’m introducing a North Pole breakfast instead. Shamelessly pinched the idea from that freaky looking Elf thing who descends on some poor sods every year and wreaks havoc in the name of supposed cuteness.

Breakfast, without the Elf.

I mean, being a kid and waking up to find that¬†this¬†had ‘come alive’ during the night and made mischief would be enough to scare the crap out of any sane child.

So instead, we’ll have our breakfast. I can’t see them complaining as it will comprise of pancake reindeers (seriously. Look on Pinterest. It has a lot to answer for…ūüėÄ ) fruit candy canes, and marshmallow for snowman poo.

Pancakes, sweets and fruit for breakfast. What’s not to like?!

I’m keeping it a surprise though, so no telling them. Shhh.

Do you have any  Christmas Eve traditions, and if so would you ever dream of changing them?!

Let me know in the comments box….





Christmas for children is a wondrous time when magical things start to happen.

Far away, in a little workshop, sits a jolly, bearded man with all his little elves hard at work making toys so that he can fly round the world on his sleigh, pulled by reindeer and deliver all the good boys and girls presents.

If you listen hard enough, you might just hear the faint tinkle of sleigh bells in distance, or be sure you heard a distinctive “Ho, ho, ho!” on the air as Santa goes on his way.

Although if the Paypal company’s new Christmas advert is anything to go by, it’s Mum and Dad who go out and buy everything.

Gee, that scenario is SO much more exciting. Not.

The advert starts off with two little boys tucked up in their beds, saying that they didn’t think they were getting any presents this year as Mum and Dad hadn’t been rushing around like headless chickens (OK, I paraphrased the last bitūüôā ) this year.

Cut to Mum and Dad laughing on the sofa as they’ve bought everything online via good old Paypal.


Way to put a dampener on Christmas, guys.

Its bad enough when some cow-bag gleefully¬†tells you in the school playground at primary that he doesn’t exist (bitter, moi?) so to do it to the whole nation of children who happen to be sat near a television at the time of broadcast takes on epic Grinch proportions.

There’s plenty of time to find out life’s dull and boring bits, and at small children age it’s nice to have a bit of magic as it soon disappears quickly enough.

I’m perfectly aware that at the age of 8 and 12, I’m running on completely borrowed time and they¬†probably won’t be putting the carrot out of Rudolph and the glass of milk and a mince pie out for Santa before they go to bed in the near future.

I think the 12 year old does know, deep down, but he’s refusing to admit it to himself.

Who am I to¬† argue? I still believe in all the magic and I’m thirty <cough> something years of age.

As Buddy The Elf would say, “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

A lesson Paypal should take, in that they should get singing to banish the Grinchy blues and rediscover the magic of Christmas.

What do you think?

Have they ruined Christmas? Do yours believe? Or not?

The offending vid

Alongside all the yummy things you can already buy in Aldi (I recommend the brioche) you can now apparently get gin and tonic flavoured crisps.

Yes, you read that correctly. Crisps. Gin and tonic flavoured. Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?!

It’s an outrage. Or at least, that’s one view over on Twitter where PC McNaney has tweeted her disgust.

The tweet voices the dismay at Aldi for a ‘totally inappropriate’ product, and asks what message it gives out to children.

Oh, come on.

Products have been around for years that aren’t suitable for kids. Chocolate liquers, for example.

Or how about we go down the path of calling out rum and raisin flavoured ice cream, and wine gums?

Why did we ever think they’d be acceptable, for goodness sake?!

Anyway, children won’t think too deeply about the type of flavour. They’ll be wanting the cheese and onion flavour ones.

If it’s the teens we’re on about here, I’m sure they see G and T as a Grandma drink anyway and they’d be more bothered about White Lightning Cider Down The Park flavour crisps.

Kids. You can’t always have everything, you know. Some things are just meant for the adults.

Deal with it.

Now I need to know whether our nearest Aldi stocks any……

What do you think? Please leave any thoughts in the comment box below.ūüôā

Another day, another food and drink scare-monger hitting the news headlines.

Last week we were told that red meat can give you cancer, and this week we’re being told to stay away from Diet Coke as it can give you heart failure.

Every week, it seems there’s something different that’s ‘bad’ and we have to stay away from it otherwise we’ll end up with some form of hideous, incurable disease or all our limbs falling off when we’re not looking.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I for one am fed up of being told what’s good, what’s bad, what we need to stay away from and what we can and can’t do.

Whatever happened to good old fashioned common sense? Anyone with half a brain knows that too much of anything¬†isn’t particularly¬†good for you. That’s where the saying “everything in moderation” came into play.

I think it’s more of a dangerous road to go down to start labelling food into bad and good categories.

That way lies fear, eating disorders, and general food anxiety.

Should I be eating this, should I not?

It’s a far more healthy attitude to push that no one food is ‘bad’, but a healthy, balanced diet most of the time with other stuff in moderation is the way to go.

We’re grown adults, we know what is and isn’t a healthy diet. We should be free to make our own choices instead of being thought of as children who need telling what to do.

Anyway, if past form is anything to go by, in a couple of weeks time they’ve probably changed their minds and red meat gives you superpowers whilst green leafy vegetables will make you cark it faster that you can say “cabbage.”

Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got a craving for a bacon butty and an ice cold can of Diet Coke….

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