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It’s that time of year again (what, ALREADY?! Where did the last twelve months go?!) when the popular parenting website, Parentdish, hold their annual Parenting Blog Awards in the form of the MAD Blog Awards.

I was very honoured to be nominated in a couple of the categories last year, so I would love to be again and hopefully go further this year.

So if I ask very nicely, please would you vote for me by clicking on the little “Nominate Me” badge on the right hand side of this post and nominate my blog in any of the categories you feel I fit into?

Maybe something like Best Schooldays Blog, Best Family Life Blog, Best Blog Writer or which ever you feel most apt.

If you’ve ever liked anything I’ve written, or resonated with it (or even if you haven’t)…. have a little vote if you like.

Not that I’m begging or anything, you understand. I have far too much pride for that. Ahem. Although I might try bribing you all with virtual biscuits and cake…. 🙂


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