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For the past two or three years, me and the two small people have enjoyed finding small toys and packing as many nice things we can find into a shoebox.

Why? Well, because every child deserves lots of nice things to open at Christmas, and a sparkly wrapped Christmas box full of goodies is one way of spreading a bit of cheer.

We usually start by buying things from around September onwards, things they like to play with in this house. Stuff like:

-bouncy balls

– felt tips

-writing paper to draw on

– sheets of stickers

-toy cars

-cuddly toys (ssh don’t tell the eldest that I’ve let his cuddly toy obsession out – yes, he still loves all his teddies ๐Ÿ™‚ )

-big box of sweets (always a winner)

We’re finding it more of a challenge this year though as we’ve decided to do a girl box (previously we’ve always done a boy box.)

Challenge because with a house full of boys, I’m finding it a lot harder to imagine the kinds of things small girls would like to receive.

I’m used to boy toys!

So far we’ve got:

-The obligatory big box of sweeties to scoff

– felt tips

-little notepad

– a ball

– some toiletry type stuff like a face flannel

er, and that’s about it.

There’s still time to get cracking though, as boxes can be taken to your local drop off point between November the 1st and 18th.

Now I suppose I’d better get wrapping the box up in sparkly stuff and adding more lovely things to it….

If you want to know how to go about putting together your own Christmassy shoebox, visit the website here to find out suitable ideas of things to put in, and where your nearest drop off point is… ShoeBox Appeal

Or make one online if you want to get involved and make your own, but just don’t have the time…. Shoebox World


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