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Inspiration taken from Clement Moore’s fantastic, classic poem T’was The Night Before Christmas 🙂


T’was the day after Christmas. and here we all are

Not a muscle was moving, we’re not going far.

The kids overtired and all partied out

Too much excitement of the presents, no doubt.


The grown ups were all groaning under the strain

No more could they eat, no, not even a grain.

The T.V in the corner, blaring away

was a distraction, from what was a grey day.


Then up from the bedroom there rose such a great din!

Stir crazy kids jumped on each other and piled in.

Mum and Dad, they arose to find such a scene

Telling them to each other -don’t be so MEAN!


Christmas as we know is family together

Though this can sometimes be an endeavour

Let’s remember to smile and all bite your tongue

Ignore all the noise and embrace all the FUN.













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The Christmas Eve party buffet has been demolished, and the small ones have calmed down long enough to be able to be peeled off the ceiling and to be put into bed.

Not forgetting of course, to put a drink and a mince pie out for Santa, (and a nice tasty carrot for Rudolph, as he’ll be tired from pulling the sleigh all that way.)

mince pie and a drink

A mince pie, a carrot and a drink of milk.

Well, he’ll probably be getting enough sherry and whatnot. I don’t want to be responsible for his drunk sleigh driving, and to hear that he’s crash landed in someone’s flower beds.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!

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I really should have bought all my Christmas cards by now, but I’m ashamed to say I haven’t.

I really should have sat down at the table and written, in my best handwriting, my cards.

What I shouldn’t have done, is leave it to the last minute again and admit I haven’t even bought them all yet, never mind written them out.

I love writing, and do it every day in one way or another. I’m used to doing my communicating via a laptop nowadays though, and the only handwriting I do is in the form of notes in my notepad, or lists of things I need to do.

(Believe me, I need a list. If I don’t have a list then it usually doesn’t get done. At least if it’s on a list it reminds me to do it, and I get the satisfaction of putting a big fat line through it to show that it’s been done.)

When it comes to writing 50 or so handwritten cards though, my hand practically goes into spasm as it’s physically not written so much for ages.Bashing at a keyboard isn’t the same as holding a pen.

I know that’s a crap excuse, and I should just get my finger out and get them written.It’s much nicer to receive a hand written card through the snail mail post and delivered through your door than a round robin one on Facebook, isn’t it? However nice the Facebook ones are, a card through your door means someone has painstakingly written a card, sealed it up and traipsed to the post box to send it to you. Not just pressed a button on the computer.

Snail mail seems more of an effort, really.

Guess a trip to the card shop is in order for me tomorrow then.


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The excitement is reaching fever pitch in this household as tomorrow is the day that they can open the first door on their advent calendars.

It’s the one time of year that they are actually allowed to eat chocolate first thing in the morning (yes, I’m one of THOSE mean mums who only allows ‘proper’ breakfasts when it’s not Christmas!) so the calendars are even more anticipated. 🙂

Which means there’ll probably be a stampede of little feet down the stairs at daft o’clock tomorrow morning in order to get at the chocolate, and I’ll come downstairs to chocolate smeared faces.

They’re equally lucky this year as they’ve wound up with TWO advent calendars each. One from us, and their Great Grandma got them one as well, so double the chocolate.

Oh, and here’s mine…

A Christmas joke behind each door instead of a chocolate to make people either giggle or groan..

my calendar

What do elves learn at elf school?

The Elfabet!

Boom, boom…

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I love Christmas and everything that comes with it, from decorating the tree to the counting down on the advent calendars.

I giddily wonder when I can feasibly get away with watching Elf without it being classed as too early,  and if it’s near enough Christmas (which turned out to be yesterday, actually.)

I try and last out until the 1st of December before having my first mince pie of the year. (Yes, they’ve been on sale in Sainsbury’s for what seems like months, but it would just be WRONG now. Plus I’d be sick of the sight of the bloomin’ things by mid December if I started on them now, and I can’t be having that.)

I even wear my cracker paper party hat and tell everyone else at the table that they have to wear theirs as well. Yes, I’m that annoying person. Just hope you haven’t got a party tooter thing in your cracker or I’ll be tooting that as well.

A Christmas Elf coming to stay for the duration of the holidays though? You what? Isn’t that taking the whole thing to a new, and OTT level?

I heard about these a while back, and it seems to be the new ‘in’ thing.

For those blissfully unaware, it’s where you have one of Santa’s elves come and stay with you over December, and it does either naughty and nice things each day.

One day it’ll have you baking cookies, the next day it’ll have been naughty over night and chucked crisps around your living room while the children have been asleep or something.

Some days it brings presents.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but that sounds like an awful lot of bloomin’ hard work. lazy arse

Plus, it completely reminds me of when the 5 year old had to bring a class doll home for the week when he was at toddler group and we were supposed to do stuff with it, and fill in the doll’s diary of her week’s holiday at your house. Then take photos and stuff.

Stuff like “I’m REALLY enjoying my weeks stay at so and so’s house. Here’s a picture of me sat in the Asda trolley doing our weekly shop.”

(Yeah, like I want to cart a daft looking doll around everywhere I go. I’ll look like a mad old bag lady.)

I had to fight a mad urge not to take pictures of it lying on the sofa surrounded by empty wine bottles and a speech bubble coming out of it’s head saying ‘Hic, BURP.’

Same goes with the elf. I don’t want a batty old elf sitting around on the shelf at home. 24 days of thinking up something new for it to do up until Christmas Eve?!


It’s all getting a bit much now. Aren’t Santa’s sacks full of toys or stockings enough nowadays? Presents from an elf each day who’s got lost on the way to the North Pole or whatever is a bit excessive.

Do you do the Elf thing, or have you heard of it before? 🙂


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For the past two or three years, me and the two small people have enjoyed finding small toys and packing as many nice things we can find into a shoebox.

Why? Well, because every child deserves lots of nice things to open at Christmas, and a sparkly wrapped Christmas box full of goodies is one way of spreading a bit of cheer.

We usually start by buying things from around September onwards, things they like to play with in this house. Stuff like:

-bouncy balls

– felt tips

-writing paper to draw on

– sheets of stickers

-toy cars

-cuddly toys (ssh don’t tell the eldest that I’ve let his cuddly toy obsession out – yes, he still loves all his teddies 🙂 )

-big box of sweets (always a winner)

We’re finding it more of a challenge this year though as we’ve decided to do a girl box (previously we’ve always done a boy box.)

Challenge because with a house full of boys, I’m finding it a lot harder to imagine the kinds of things small girls would like to receive.

I’m used to boy toys!

So far we’ve got:

-The obligatory big box of sweeties to scoff

– felt tips

-little notepad

– a ball

– some toiletry type stuff like a face flannel

er, and that’s about it.

There’s still time to get cracking though, as boxes can be taken to your local drop off point between November the 1st and 18th.

Now I suppose I’d better get wrapping the box up in sparkly stuff and adding more lovely things to it….

If you want to know how to go about putting together your own Christmassy shoebox, visit the website here to find out suitable ideas of things to put in, and where your nearest drop off point is… ShoeBox Appeal

Or make one online if you want to get involved and make your own, but just don’t have the time…. Shoebox World

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It might be only October, but already in this house I have small people poring over the Argos catalogue and putting rings round everything they like and then doing their ‘bestest’ letter writing to Santa.

(That’ll be just about everything in there, then.)

At least they’re at an age where they’re  happy with anything really, as long as it involves having shiny paper to rip off on Christmas morning.

The 5 year old the most, as when asked what he would like for Christmas, answers with “a present, please.”


The 9 year old however hears about all kind of new fangled, magical things via the wonders of the school playground.

“An X Box, a mobile phone, a racer bike, and a PS3, please.”

Um, that’s a lot of paper rounds then, son. Better start on them now and you might be able to have all that by the time you’re out of your teens, then. 🙂

No, he’s alright really, and is happy with his lot.

What I can’t be doing with is the Must Have Christmas Toy Lists that the shops trot out every year.

Apparently every child NEEDS some bog awful looking doll like a Cabbage Patch Doll, just because the big toy shops SAY SO.

Says who? The people in the shop because they know if they create enough fuss and hoo ha over them, they’ll have hordes of parents scrapping over the last few a couple of weeks before Christmas?


How about letting the child choose what they want from Santa without being told what’s the next big thing?!

I don’t want to be told what is the thing to be buying, and that I should be mad panic buying a wind up hamster or something.

I don’t do mad panic buying at the shops very well.

I end up looking like a mad relative of Worzel Gummidge, just minus a spare change of head when I can feel mine about to explode.

Some nice calm things like this in the stocking instead:


a nice juicy satsuma


some chocolate coins


then a bit of this in mine:



Merry HicMas. 🙂

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