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The school holidays are approaching (what, AGAIN?!) and Halloween is looming so this week has seen the small people’s school partake in several ‘spooky’ activities. Instead of normal literacy work in the smallest class, one morning saw him reading and spelling ‘spooky’ words such as ghost, or whatever, and doing wordsearches.

The school has all donned costumes or masks for Halloween instead of their usual school uniform, and there’s been a”Halloween Fun Evening” after school which basically involves a load of different stalls such as tombolas, guess which drawer the sweets are in, and a lot of crying parents at the thought of being wheedled out of their cash at every turn.

The eldest was happy today, as halfway through the class the headteacher came through the door with a big box of posh chocolate biscuits, and pronouncing that he’d won it on the raffle.

Apparently he nearly fell off his chair with giddiness.

(I’m sure I’d have been the same, to be fair.)

So, that’s it after this week  – a whole week off. Let’s hope they don’t moan they’re bored five minutes in, otherwise I might have to torment them with Halloween spiders and bats and things… 🙂

Has your school done anything “Halloweeny?” Or are you like me and not fussed either way about Halloween so not bothered if they hold Halloween fun evenings or not?! 🙂


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