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The sun’s beating down today, so for the first time this year we’ve taken the picnic basket out of hibernation and headed to the local park.

There’s something a bit special about having your dinner on a picnic blanket, surrounded by grass and bathed in sunlight.

It doesn’t matter if it’s bog standard sandwiches, or strawberries and cream, eating al fresco always livens the meal up and today, heralds the start of warm weather and summertime.

Whatever you’re eating, it seems more of an occasion if you have a proper wicker basket that you can lay out on a blanket.

Here’s ours, that we picked up brand new in a local charity shop for £5. Bargain! 🙂 There’s even a little wicker basket inside that holds two picnic sized wine glasses, if you want to have a dead posh party on the grass and crack open the fizz.

Not to mention some plates and a knife and fork.

picnic on grass3

Now, what to put in the basket for that all important lunch? Good, inexpensive items that everyone likes is always a good bet. Never mind all the Marks and Spencer and Waitrose luxury items, you can have a great grass party for a lot less.

In our picnic basket today we had:

– a mixture of ham and tuna sandwich rolls

– a tub of chopped cherry tomatoes

– scotch eggs (picnic staple!)

– bag of crisps

– apples

– water bottles (take your own refillable one from home, they can be found in Poundland and other places really cheaply.)

Other great foods would be breadsticks, sausage rolls, a cereal bar or biscuit. Little pots are always good to take along too, such as mini pots of hummus or salsa to dip said breadsticks in. Or chopped fruit such as strawberries or banana slices.

A football is always a good thing to take along too, as if there’s anywhere with a stretch of grass my two love nothing better than a good game of football to let off steam which suits me fine as I can get five minutes with my newspaper in peace

Next time the sun’s out, take your lunch out too. What do you put in your picnic baskets?


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After what seems like months of sub zero temperatures, spring has finally shown its face this week and reminded us that it is just around the corner.

You forget how lovely the sunshine can make everything feel, and how it can brighten things up just by casting its rays onto buildings and footpaths.

Not to mention lifting of  moods. Now with the promise of spring in the air, why not get out and about and blow away some of the winter cobwebs?

It doesn’t take much to get out there, and money isn’t a problem either. Fresh air is free.

How about one of these?

Go on a nature walk.

You don’t even have to live in the middle of the countryside for this one. (Although it’s even better if you do.)

Write a list of things to find and get the children to tick them off as you do it.


– how many different types/shapes of leaves can you find?

– different twigs

– pine cones

being just a few examples.

Climb a tree.

A classic, traditional children’s activity. Find one with nice sturdy, low branches and you’re sorted. Hours of fun if my children are anything to go by. They’re always happiest when they’re let loose to run and jump!

branches to climb

Whatever you decide to do this spring, get outdoors and get discovering…..

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woodland walk2


walk grass2


purple flowers2

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up a tree



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