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Now Christmas is over and it’s the start of a new year, my thoughts have been turning to the summer holidays and nice, sandy beaches.

Well, thinking about blue skies and (hopefully!) warm weather has to be preferable to the constant drizzle and wet we’ve had for the past few months.

Honestly, I’ll be squelching when I walk soon if it doesn’t stop.

The one thing that really annoys me about having two school age children is the fact that holiday prices can literally double in price for the duration of any school holidays.

Why on earth should parents pay double just because they have no choice in the matter when they take their holiday?

If you were to try to take them on holiday in school time, you’d end up with a stinking letter off the authorities and a lovely fine.

So why, just because holiday companies KNOW that you have no choice, should they be allowed to get away with charging extortionate prices?

It’s outrageous that for example, they could charge £400 for a Mon – Fri night stay the week before the holidays start, then the week after the EXACT SAME holiday, and accommodation would cost over £800.

How can they justify that? You’re still getting exactly the same holiday you would have got the week before if you had the luxury of being able to choose.

It’s pure greed, and penalises parents.

Get your act together holiday companies, and start treating families with the respect they deserve instead of treating them like mugs and penalising them.


This post has now been added to the Ranty Friday blog here as it certainly qualifies as a steam out of ears coming out of ears rant…


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In between all the day trips, park visits and picnics of the summer holidays, do your small ones do any school work?

Mine do.

I don’t mean get them kitted out in school uniforms, park them at the kitchen table and not let them move until it’s break time, toilet time, or the scheduled lunch break.

They’re off for a whole six weeks, after all. They need a bit of mental stimulation as well, otherwise come September, the grey matter might have dusted over with cobwebs and they’ll have forgotten to hold a pen properly. Well, maybe. 🙂

Here’s some ideas to keep them occupied and not too much of a stranger to actual work when the holidays roll to an end:


– Read bedtime stories. I read a page to my 5 year old, he reads the next one, then me, and so on.


– Bake a cake. They have the scales and have to read the ingredients and weigh out the correct measurements, eg 4oz of flour gets tipped in by them.


– Get them to write a shopping list for when you’re next in Asda, Tesco, Morrisons or wherever.

Then they can read stuff off to you and find it.


– Make a shop at home. Use old cereal packets, tins of beans, sweets etc. Use a toy till to keep the money in (or a tupperware box if you haven’t got a till!)

Then go buy something from their shop and they have to work out how much change they owe you.


– Science type silliness for small ones. Get a big bowl of water and several different objects (rubber duck, a pebble, piece of wood etc.)

They’ll have great fun seeing what sinks and what floats, and in guessing which object will do what!


– Static electricity – what happens if you rub a balloon against your hair then slowly move it away?!

– If you’re going on your holidays, get them to practise their handwriting by writing a postcard back home to the grandparents, or their friends.

See if you can get home before the postcard does!


Geography – pick up a children’s atlas cheaply from Ebay, or Amazon. Failing that, Google maps are great for a bit of world travelling from your own home!

Find your own country, see what countries are bordering yours. Do you have to cross any seas to get to any other countries? If so, which one?

Pick a random country. What’s the capital city called? Does it have any famous landmarks? Go zoom in on it if you’re on Google map, do a little street view tour as if you’re really there! 🙂

(My eight year old is geography obsessed, he loves anything like this!)

Before you know it, it’ll be September again…….

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As schools are getting ready to break up for the summer holidays around here, playground talk has switched to what to buy the teachers as a leaving present. Even the card shops are all at it, and cashing in on the trend of buying your class teacher some nice tat to take home with them for the holidays. From “To the Best Teacher Ever’ mugs, to “my favourite teacher in the whole wide world” photo frames, there’s something for just about every taste out there. I’m probably in a minority here, and prepared to be told that I need to stop being so tight and miserable, but I just don’t see the point. Yes, the teacher’s lovely. We all know she is. Why the current trend  for competitive present buying just to show that fact?! Do you love the teacher more just because you bought her a mug to tell her she’s lovely? Or bought the biggest tin of Roses?! She’s doing her job, after all. A very fine job, at that. Both my small ones have great teachers. They’ll maybe get a card to say thank you (see, I’m not THAT unreasonable, after all.) I just think they’ll be sick of the sight of chocolates by the end of the summer holidays, and there’s only so many mugs you can slurp your tea out of at once, anyway………..

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