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Schooldays have always been brightened up by the thought of a class day out, or if you’re lucky, a residential trip for a few nights away.

I have fond memories of going on a week long residential the first year of high school to an outdoor pursuits centre, which involved activities such as abseiling off viaducts, caving, and canoeing.

There was also a year trip to France for a lucky few in the third year (drawn out of a hat so not everyone got to go.)

So far, so good. France is far away enough to feel like a proper holiday, and you get to visit a different country without being too far from home.

Now, though? Like everything else, (proms, anyone?! ) schools seem to be having to go one better, one bigger, and more ostentatious.

Not content with jaunts to France, some schools are laying out trips to places like Barbados.

Barbados. I ask you. Nothing wrong with Barbados, I’d love to go there – but since when did school trips start to go halfway across the world and cost more than a family holiday?!

Trip of a lifetime, that. Not a school jaunt.

Ours can go to Australia in one of the years.  Literally the other side of the world. On what planet is that a reasonable school trip?! I dread to think how much that would cost.

They’re busy fundraising for it right now. Tip – if the place you want to go to costs so bloody much that you have to fundraise for it, maybe you’re going a tad too far. Back up a bit and have a think.

Flying high school kids nearly 11,000 miles is a little bit very excessive.

Maybe they need more parents to stand up and say “hang on, do you think we go into the garden and pluck money off the money tree, or produce it from our arse?!”

Maybe then we might get a semblance of normality in all the craziness.

What do you think? Excessive, or fun?

Let us know via the comments and tell us where the furthest place your school goes for school trips!


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When I was a teenager, the only thing that would have got me out of bed on a weekend would have been an earthquake physically tipping me out of my slumber and onto the floor.

With no seismic movements though, I’d have quite happily lay there until two o’clock in the afternoon, only moving just in case it was actually possible to meld into the bedcovers and become part of the bed itself.

On a weekday, though? I was perfectly capable of getting out of bed because I had a little something called school to go to. The alarm would go off, or I’d get told to ‘get out of your  pit!” by exasperated parents if I ignored said alarm and bashed it to snooze instead until the last minute. (Hey, I still do that now.)

Which is why I have absolutely no sympathy for the poor little darlings at one school who are allowing children to ‘start their lessons in the afternoon so they all get a lie-in.’

Hampton Court House in Surrey is pushing back school start time until 1.30pm until 7pm as research has apparently found that students learn better if they are allowed to wake up naturally by their own body clocks and not artificially awoken.

Aw diddums, they need their sleep. Where does it end with pushing their days back then? If it was rolled out to other schools and we all took this approach, you’d be bound to get some who take the proverbial as they just can’t be arsed getting up full stop, never mind starting after lunch as it is.

That saying you can’t please all of the people, all of the time would come into force for this situation.

Not to mention they’re going to be in for a hell of a shock when they leave the cosseted walls of the school and enter the so called real world.

I can’t imagine many employers would be as tolerant as their previous teachers and wouldn’t put up with them rolling up for their first job somewhere after noon.

They’d have to get their backsides out of bed around 7am in the morning and they’d presumably still be in their teens when they got a job.

Less pandering. They’ll thank you for it when they enter the world of work and something called real life – as that 7am alarm clock will startle them out of their complacency.

What do you think? Good idea or not?


One school opens later for teenagers


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I remember a lot of things from primary school, but the one thing I don’t seem to remember is the sheer volume of homework that the 9 year old is bringing home lately.

Why would that be? It might have something to do with the fact that we didn’t actually HAVE any homework in primary school.

That particular pleasure (ahem) was saved up for secondary school in which we got daily homework.

Now I don’t usually moan about homework, I think it’s good they get some as it gets them prepared for high school.

The Easter holidays (that’s two weeks) has seen him bring four maths exam papers home to do over the holidays, and several sheets of A4 of various sums.

You what?!

The poor little sod’s been slaving away most of the holidays, but it has all duly been handed in.

To be given another two exam papers to hand in for next week.

Sheesh. These SAT’s exams they have nowadays in the last year of primary school have a lot to answer for.

I’m sure he’ll have some memories of fun times at school tucked up in his head somewhere as well, though.

My memories of primary school go something like this:

Having outdoor toilets.

Oh, they were fun to dash across the playground to on a frosty day. Brrr. (Don’t even MENTION that horrible shiny tracing paper type bog roll they used to make us use. Shudder.)

Although we did have fun trying to climb over the doors and dangling upside down from them… 🙂

They’re pampered, nowadays though. They have indoor toilets. (Don’t know they’re born.) I remember them being built in the last year or so I was there. We had a lesson where we had to do a time capsule pod thing and then put the time capsule down into the foundations.

So deep under the swanky pants toilets floor, there’ll be a little box full of letters.

One saying something like  “Hello, my name’s Wendy and I love Kylie, Jason and reading books.”

That’ll flummox all those space age type people in a few thousand years time, wondering what or who the heck a Kylie and a Jason is.

A mad as a box of frogs headteacher

No, she was lovely really. Although when someone did well or whatever and they had to stand up in assembly to be praised, she used to pat us on the head and sing a song about us all eating our shredded wheat or something that morning to make us strong.

*Sings* “Shredded wheat, shredded wheat, pat them on the head….” patting us on the head all the time.

If I remember correctly (I’m old now, it was a long time ago) we used to get the birthday ‘bumps’ too. Can you imagine that nowadays? The teacher’s would be too scared to allow that in case someone sued for their arm falling off or being wrenched out of place.

 – school dinners

Oh, that chocolate crunch school dinner dessert thing with some green chocolate minty sauce stuff over the top. Yummmm.

I think it was sometimes pink as well with a strawberry taste.

Whatever happened to that stuff?!


setting off the school bell as a dare (well, they would leave it in a daft tempting place such as the corridor wall.) Then having to spend the morning in disgrace outside the head’s office. Oopsie.

(Mother, if you’re reading this, I was good at primary school really… honest… )

So let’s hope the two small people of the household now have more good memories than homework memories.

Maybe not so much of the setting the school bell off type though…. I’ll be having words if so. 🙂

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According to today’s newspapers, the latest idea being bandied about to crack down on unhealthy food in schools is to ban packed lunches.

So, now not only are we being told we can’t put chocolate in packed lunches, and they’re not allowed juice either, (which is the policy in our school) now they’re discussing banning packed lunches altogether?!

How are they going to enforce that one, then? Who’s going to pay for that idea? As I know I’m not about to start forking out £20 a week on two lots of school dinners.

Do they come round and force you to pay, as if you don’t your child gets no dinner?

We’d need everyone to get it all free, for a start, as if you’ve more than one child in school it costs a small fortune.

It’s also patronising and insulting to assume that every parent needs telling what to put in their child’s lunch box, and are incapable of deciding for themselves what is and isn’t healthy.

I know what’s healthy, thanks.

They have a wide range of stuff in their lunch every day – wholemeal sandwich with some protein in, such as chicken or tuna, a piece of fruit such as an apple, banana or satsuma, a yoghurt and a home-made flapjack or bun for dessert.

If there are people out there daft enough to pack their children up with just a chocolate bar and nothing else apart from a bottle full of undiluted squash (which is the reason we’re not allowed juice, apparently) then surely it should be taken up with them?

Not blanket banning the lot of us from things as we can’t be trusted to think healthily and make our own choices.

Nope, it’s not going to work. Unless they’re prepared to give everyone free school dinners.

What do you think?


Article in the Telegraph here








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Although I might not feel it in my head, it’s been a long time since I left school (yes, I said a long time, let’s leave it there – that’s all you’re getting.)

Then every now and again something pops up to remind you that you’re really not and you’re a bit of an old crone instead of 15.

In my case, this revelation has come about from the organisation of a class reunion as this year is a significant one in the school leaving stakes.

Cue lots of pictures on Facebook of your old class, and one of the Maths teachers, who I could have sworn was a lot older than that, looked considerably younger than we all do now. *cries*

It’s weird seeing pictures of yourself and classmates younger, as in your head that’s the way they all still look.

It’s just the class teachers who seem to have some type of time machine or anti ageing cream or something.

Will it be strange seeing everybody all so called ‘older?’ Or will they all look the same?!


Would you or have you ever been to a school reunion?


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The school holidays are approaching (what, AGAIN?!) and Halloween is looming so this week has seen the small people’s school partake in several ‘spooky’ activities. Instead of normal literacy work in the smallest class, one morning saw him reading and spelling ‘spooky’ words such as ghost, or whatever, and doing wordsearches.

The school has all donned costumes or masks for Halloween instead of their usual school uniform, and there’s been a”Halloween Fun Evening” after school which basically involves a load of different stalls such as tombolas, guess which drawer the sweets are in, and a lot of crying parents at the thought of being wheedled out of their cash at every turn.

The eldest was happy today, as halfway through the class the headteacher came through the door with a big box of posh chocolate biscuits, and pronouncing that he’d won it on the raffle.

Apparently he nearly fell off his chair with giddiness.

(I’m sure I’d have been the same, to be fair.)

So, that’s it after this week  – a whole week off. Let’s hope they don’t moan they’re bored five minutes in, otherwise I might have to torment them with Halloween spiders and bats and things… 🙂

Has your school done anything “Halloweeny?” Or are you like me and not fussed either way about Halloween so not bothered if they hold Halloween fun evenings or not?! 🙂

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It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago, let alone a whole YEAR, that the then 4 year old was about to leave the safe confines of nursery and be thrown into the full time school thing.

Yet here we are, a year down the line, and he’s all ready to be marched from reception class and into the Infants.

The 8 year old is about to leave Lower Juniors and start Upper Juniors, but he’s an old pro at this school malarkey, and knows what to expect.

For the small one though, it’s quite a big jump.

The ‘transition meeting’ all parents went to in order to let them know what was to come in the infants reminded us that:


– They’ll be expected to be able to get their clothes untangled by themselves after P.E, so if they don’t already know how, they should spend the holidays practising how to turn their clothes the right way out if they’re inside out…..


– In will come homework booklets, which they bring home each term to complete.


– In will come more writing and work in general, as opposed to play based learning.


He won’t know what’s hit him…. 🙂


He loves doing school work though and is a hugely talented reader already (way beyond average for his age, said his school report yesterday) so I’m sure he won’t flounder too much.

Here’s to September, a fresh school year and new part of the school for the pair of them……..



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