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Sitting on the beach with a bucket and spade making sandcastles while mum and dad sit in a deckchair looking on is all part of childhood.

Which is why it’s sad to see in today’s newspapers that a new survey says that one in five people under the age of 35 have never set foot on a UK beach and instead jet off to foreign climes with their powdery beaches and palm trees instead.

How is it possible to get to that age without setting foot on the glorious British coastline?!

It’s all well and good going on holiday abroad, but there’s so much on our doorstep too.

We are a little island after all, so not too far away from the sea wherever you happen to be.

Sitting on the sea front with your fish and chips, or burying your brother or sister’s legs in the sand. Making sandcastles and digging a moat round it. then running down to the sea with your bucket to try and fill it up.

There’s some lovely, picturesque views too.


Looking down over Whitby, and with the Abbey in the distance

whitby harbour


Sunning yourself thousands of miles away is fine, but for the rest of the year when you’re not jetting off, remember what’s on our own doorstep and introduce your kids to it…. they’ll love it.

kids don’t visit Britain’s coastline any more article




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What better way to spend a blustery day then walking at the beach followed by fish and chips?!

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It’s been a pretty non-eventful week in our household, so this week’s listography theme ‘Last week’ has taken some thinking about! http://katetakes5.blogspot.com/

We’re almost at the end of the summer holidays here, so the endless having to keep the 7 year old constantly entertained will cease as school will keep him occupied (it’s been a case of the minute he stops doing something to ‘say what do I do next? I’m bored!) which he says ALL. THE. BLOODY. TIME.


First thing on the list this week was a visit to the good old British seaside.

Armed with buckets and spades me and the 7yr old decided to not just make any old sandcastle, but four sandcastles with turrets, all connected with walls, and a moat running round it. All the time constantly trying to ‘shoo’ the four year old away from it as his favourite game at the beach is pretending to fall over and land on your sandcastle squashing it flat.

It is funny when he does it with a loud pretend sneeze – ‘ACHOO!’ Oh dear, the sneeze was so loud it made me fall onto your sandcastle!’ but not when you’re trying to be clever and build the sandcastle equivalent of Buckingham Palace!

2)We’ve also had the 7 year old’s birthday party this week, as we did it a week early due to it being Bank Holiday weekend this week and would have been a nightmare trying to book anywhere.

He opted for a ten pin bowling party with some friends from school, and a great time was had by all. Well, apart from when the 4 year old won the game (he’s very competitive.) 🙂

3) I finally got some ‘me time’ this week and yesterday me and the husband took ourselves off to the cinema to watch the final Harry Potter movie. Something I’ve been wanting to watch for ages but never had the babysitters to do! Thanks, mother in law. 🙂

Now looking forward to it coming out on dvd so that I can add it to the collection and we’ll have them all!

4) I’ve also been attempting to tidy up the house and sort things out (see previous blog post, it’s like shovelling snow in a blizzard….’ it really isn’t easy when you’ve got a hoarding husband and toys lying all over to break your neck on!

5) I’ve also been on Twitter a lot (nothing new there) trying to promote my blog and general posting, commenting and blog reading. So if you’re on Twitter, follow me and I’ll ‘see’ you over there!

Now just got to think of some things to do with the last week of the summer holidays before they go back to school!

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