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As a child of the Eighties, I’ve been left feeling a bit giddy that one of my favourites, Dangermouse is being brought back to life and to a new generation of children.

Originally voiced by Sir David Jason, the new version sees Pointless game show host Alexander Armstrong taking on the voice of the super mouse, and the late Terry Scott (his sidekick Penfold) is to be replaced too.

Apparently Superted and the Clangers are to make a return as well.

There’s always the worry that ‘new fangled’ versions of old favourites will be messed around with too much, so it will be good to see what the new episodes bring.

The 80’s had a glut of brilliant children’s programmes, and here’s just a few more I’d bring back!

Remember any of these?!


A saggy old cloth cat, but Emily loved him.

Fraggle Rock

“Dance your cares away, worries for another day…”

Raggy Dolls

“It’s not much of a pretty life, when you’re just a pretty face, just to be whoever you are is no disgrace…”


“When Eric eats a banana…”

These were just a few of my favourites, and would love to see these brought back to the screen. Not necessarily re-made, just brought back in all their original glory!

What was your favourite children’s show, and are you in favour of them making a comeback  or should they stay in our memories?

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It’s not every day my favourite Saturday night entertainment comes to town, so when I heard that Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway computer was visiting The Light Centre, I had to go and have a nosey.

I went as it was setting up, so managed to bag a prime viewing spot right in front of the computer.

I knew I wanted to be near the front so I could see (as I’m only a shorty and anyone tall in front of me would have resulted in me looking at the backs of people’s heads.)

In fact I was RIGHT at the front of the computer and cameras for the crowd shots, so in all probability I’ve just made a complete tit of myself on national telly come Saturday night.

The loon doing the YMCA for the cameras and grinning inanely?

Yep, that’ll be me.

Attempting a Mexican Wave? (Not easy when your arms are crammed in next to the people at the side of you… )

Oh yes, that was me as well.

Everyone was there. Hey, even Elvis turned up as I took a picture of the machine.

ant and dec elvis

I was going to have a go, honest.

Until I found out everyone in the huge queue had already pre-registered that morning and there was a two hour wait for when more people could join in.

Then a queue after that too.

If I hadn’t have had to get back I would have waited.

ant and dec computer

I was there though when someone won the Las Vegas tickets. Right behind them in fact.

So if you see me on national telly, give a little wave. I’ll do the Mexican one… 😀

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The rest of the country might be going crazy for the football right now as we’re in the middle of the Euro 2012’s, but I’m one of those who is trying to ignore it in the hope it will all go away.

Admittedly, this is hard when even with the living room door shut and me hiding away in another room with the laptop you can STILL hear grunts, groans and “OOOOOH’s!!” from the football watchers every time one of the overpaid neanderthals footballers so much as goes within charging distance of the goal.

It has its advantages though, as I get to write in total peace while they’re oblivious in Cloud Football Land.

Things I’d rather do than watch football:

– Watch paint dry. Slowly.

– Do the ironing. (See, THAT’S how bad the football is. You know it must be mind numbing if it makes me want to tackle the ironing.)

You can’t even escape the blasted thing on Twitter. All the trending topics are football related, and you have a timeline full of football spoutings.

At least that does have an advantage, though – if the husband comes in and tells me what’s happening, I can look all clever and already know. Pretending it’s a psychic thing I can do, or something.

Ok, I want England to win as I’m patriotic, but that’s as far as my enthusiasm goes.

I’m not about to actually start WATCHING it or anything….. I’ll start to worry about myself if that happens.

Roll on when it’s all over……





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