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As someone who grew up reading all the children’s classic comics such as The Dandy and Beano, I find it incredibly sad that the Dandy is facing closure due to low circulation.

I even used to subscribe to the Dandy, and waited eagerly every week for the postman to deliver it so I could catch up on the antics of Desperate Dan et al.

That’s if my Dad didn’t get to the doormat first, as I had to get in quick as he always wanted to read it before me! Cue a small me sat twiddling my thumbs, huffing and puffing until he’d finished.

I was even a member of The Desperate Dan Club. You got sent a badge, and had a secret Desperate Dan club password that you weren’t allowed to tell anyone who wasn’t part of the ‘Club.’

Ah, those were the days.

Which is why I think it’s such a shame that it is now facing closure due to not enough children being interested in magazine reading, and would rather play on games consoles instead.

Do they not know what they’re missing out on?!

Fancy preferring to sit there in front of the tellybox instead, or playing some inane game.

What they need is a good comic to stimulate their imagination.

I’ve bought the Dandy a few times in the past couple of years in the hope that my 8 year old would read it. (Well, I bought it on the pretence it was for him. It was for me really.)

After choking at the price (HOW MUCH?! It was about 27p last time I bought it! 🙂 ) he did have a read, and a chuckle.

Then promptly went back to his preferred magazines of choice, namely Match, Strike, Kick, and all the other football related ones.

Well, at least he’s got a magazine habit. Which, apparently is more than can be said for most kids these days if the slump in kids comic and magazine sales is anything to go by.

If we want to keep the comic industry alive, let’s all revive our children’s interest in cartoon characters.

Where would be without these?!

Desperate Dan and his cow pie

The Beano

Dennis The Menace

The Bash Street Kids

Plug and Smiffy being my two favourites.

Or how about Colonel Blink from the Beezer…

Don’t let a whole new generation miss out……



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