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It doesn’t matter where we are or where we’re going, it seems all my two seem to do lately in the back of the car is fight.

Within about two seconds of the car door slamming shut, and us tootling off down the road, IT STARTS.

The annoying each other.

One of the most annoying childhood games since time began seems to be the favourite at the moment.

You know, that one where whatever one says, the other one has to copy EXACTLY what the other says.

Child one – “Do you know what I did at school today?”

Child two – “Do you know what I did at school today?”

Child one – “No, I’m asking you a question.”

Child two – “No, I’m asking YOU a question.”

One – “Mummy, he’s annoying me!”

Two – “Mummy, he’s annoying me!”
and so on, and so ON.

I don’t know who it was who invented that timeless game in the first place, but they need to be taken out the back and shot. With a great big gun. Twice.

It’s even worse when you’re in a traffic jam, and there’s no escape.
Just the incessant whining. Or poking at each other. Poke. Prod. Pinch.

Followed by tears and the inevitable “waaaaaahhhhh he hurt me!”

I’ve become expert in distraction techniques, with such ‘fantastic’ ahem   games such as:

“The Numberplate Game”

(also known as see how many numberplates you can see with starting with the letter A, Z, whatever game.)

The shout out when you see a lorry game.

“First one to see a Marks and Spencer lorry, say AHH!”

Or you can’t beat a good old rendition of “the wheels on the car go round, and round, round and round”…

Well it sure beats chucking myself in front of the good old Marks and Spencer lorry’s wheels.

Give me strength….

If you’re in a car, these do prove invaluable though.

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