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We’re halfway through the school holidays here, and with only three weeks to go the small ones are starting to get bored.

The way that they act when we decide to have a day in, you’d think they never got to do anything fun and exciting and we haven’t done anything at all for the past few weeks.

NO, I’m not going out every day with you. Some days, like today, we’re going to stay in as it’s ***** it down with rain out there.

So far this holidays, we’ve been for a day trip to York  and acted like a tourist, been to the park, Diggerland theme park, Eureka Children’s Museum in Halifax, been to Whitby for a day at the beach, and a trip to the soft play centre for them to let off steam plus a hundred other things I’ve forgotten.

So yes, today, we’re staying in. Until I find a great big money tree in the garden that’s spouting five pound notes in place of the leaves, we’re going to sometimes have days of sitting in and not doing much.

What’s so wrong with ‘being bored’ anyway? Why should we feel like we have to spend every moment of every day filling their time for them and ‘doing’ things with them?

They can get left to their own playing devices today. Use that thing called your imagination, it’s a great little thing, and best of all it’s FREE.

Anyone would think they’ve forgotten how to use it, or don’t possess one the way they’ve been going on today.

After a morning full of either taking it in turns on the computer or watching telly, I’ve decided enough is enough and turned the lot off.

They’ve got a room full of toys and books. They’re not hard done by. I’m just refusing to give them ideas what to do today.

If they use that imagination of theirs, who knows what they’ll end up doing?

I used to love using my imagination when small. Cardboard boxes can become things like ships.

Right now, they’ve dug out the Play Doh craft box and are busy crafting a Sunday roast out of it.

So far, they’ve made a plate, roast beef, teeny tiny peas, Yorkshire puddings and are now making the knife and fork to go with it.

See they CAN amuse themselves when they have to…. 🙂


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When the weather outside is wet and miserable, and we don’t feel like going anywhere, it’s reassuring to know that we have our own little ‘shop’ set up in our house should we need anything.

Yes, today the 8 year old has been playing ‘shopkeepers.’ I’ve been given a wallet full of ‘money’ for his shop that he has made himself, so I can come in and spend. He’s spent ages cutting up little pieces of paper into bank notes, £10 and £5 notes with ‘Bank of me’ written on them.

So I’ve been playing the role of customer and visiting his shop:

Need to know all about the history of York? Want to watch Tom Hanks turn into a grown up overnight due to a magic video game? Or relive the magic of Wacaday with Pinky Punky and Mallet’s Mallet?! Then we’re your shop.

Then make your way over to the till area:

Who’d have thought the ironing board would so cleverly masquerade as a counter to put the ’till’ on? For the till he’s used a calculator.

So his maths skills have been put to the test today as well by giving out ‘change’ to me when I’ve bought things.

Looking forward to seeing what appears in the shop tomorrow. 🙂

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