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As anyone hailing from ‘God’s own county’ will (or should!) know, is that August the 1st is also known as Yorkshire Day.

So in celebration of all things Yorkshire, today’s blog post rounds up all the best, weird and downright great things that hail from Yorkshire.

Welly Wanging Competitions

A great tradition that is thought to originate from Yorkshire.

Basically what you have to do is hurl a wellington boot as far as possible within the boundary lines.
Flat Cap Frisbee

Being held at Scarborough Castle on Yorkshire Day this year, this sees the old flat cap being thrown, frisbee style, and is suitable for young and old.

The object being to fling it from tee to flag, to see who can throw it in the least amount of throws.

As well as the Yorkshire games, you can’t beat the food:

-Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings

– Yorkshire salad. It’s only recently I have discovered this great dish, and can’t believe I have never heard of it before. Sunday dinner wouldn’t be the same without it now.

Stick it on yer Yorkshire’s – basically a vinegar type dressing, with chopped spring onions and cucumber. Yum.


– Yummy cake traditionally eaten on Bonfire Night.

Yorkshire Tea

Preferably in a great big mug, nice and strong. Not in any china nonsense, here.

Many a great TV programme has come from round these parts as well.

Remember –

Last of the Summer Wine

With Compo, and all his cronies racing around the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.


set in the idyllic setting of Goathland near Whitby

Whitby also being a famous Yorkshire seaside town, and home to Dracula.

Any other Yorkshire stories/traditions/your favourite Yorkshire food I have missed, I’d love to hear them.

It’s got to be said, it’s always great to visit other places and explore, but Yorkshire’s where the heart will always be. 🙂

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As the last time we went away for a weekend away without the kids was over 8 years ago, we could be forgiven for looking forward to this weekend away more than most.

Yes, this time we were going to stay in a hotel room that wasn’t a family room, which meant no bunk beds in the hotel room and kids refusing to go sleep like last year.

As nice as that getaway was, it wasn’t the most relaxing or stress free getaway with two small ones wide awake and playing up until late, or whining ‘it’s too far to walk’ when we’d only just set foot out of the hotel to anywhere.

No, this time it was an alien concept – grown ups only. Children safely at the grandparents, having their own little adventure day out by going to Brimham Rocks (lots of climbing for them to do, they’ll have been in their element) while we got to have a weekend away in Whitby.

Usually it’s a case of arrive for the day, go eat fish and chips at The Magpie, then a quick walk along the beach before it’s time to head home.

Not this time, though, This time we got to do what we wanted, which turned out to be eating some lovely pie and mash at the Humble Pie and Mash Shop, followed by a very blustery walk along the seafront to walk it all off.

A few drinks in the Duke of York pub at the bottom of Whitby’s 199 steps was in order as well. (No, we didn’t climb them, although we have done before. Maybe next time. 🙂 )

I also bought myself a new mug on a leisurely browse round the shops (I’d forgotten what it was like to browse round shops selling breakables in peace!)

Now I’m back, and to keep stress free I just need to fill the mug up with tea and read it if they start winding each other up.

Then if the 8 year old runs up with a tale of how they’re annoying each other, I can just be sat there drinking my tea, pointing at my mug.

Which I did earlier. It made him laugh anyway.

We also passed by this…….

Anyone recognise it?

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