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I’ve always loved reading, and one of my all time favourite authors when I was small was the brilliant Roald Dahl.

Whereas other people wrote about adventures, fairies, or nice and fluffy things, Roald had a darker, more scary side.

From giants stealing sleeping children out of their beds and eating them up (then leaving a pile of bones underneath the window sill), to little girls getting trapped in paintings and never being able to get out – whilst living their life in the constraints of the picture frame instead, there was always some sinister elements to his tales.

So, in celebration of Roald Dahl Day, here’s 5 lessons from Roald Dahl.

Treat animals and birds the way you would want to be treated yourself

Oh, what fun, going out shooting ducks as a family! Bet you wouldn’t find it half as much fun though if the tables were turned and you woke up one morning and you’d traded places, would you?!

How would YOU like it if it was now the ducks who lived in your house, and you were tiny people with wings forced to build nests and dodge the bullets?

Not so much fun now, is it?!

The family in The Magic Finger found this out pretty quickly. Treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself, as you never know when it might turn round and get you instead…

Don’t be a spoilt little brat

I’m sure all kids have their moments, and stamp their feet when they don’t get their own way.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had a monumental brat in the shape of Veruca Salt.

“I want an Oompa Loompa NOW, Daddy!”

What happens to the children who are perpetually spoilt though? Always wanting more, and never appreciating what they have?

Yup. They end up in the garbage chute where they belong.

Don’t p*ss off the grandkids

Are you a cantankerous old lady with a mouth like a dog’s bottom? Let’s hope you don’t have a grandson like George then, or he might make you some of his marvellous (or not so marvellous) medicine.

Hide the hair cream. The bleach. The toothpaste. Anything the cheeky little upstart could try and mix up for you and pass off as medicine.

A lesson to remember in future…..

kids – washing too much is bad for you

One of the lessons I’m sure most soap dodging kids are the most delighted to hear. I mean, you don’t want too many baths, do you?

If you have too many baths then the witches can smell you more easily. Leave the dirt on, as freshly washed children smell of dogs droppings….

parents aren’t just parents, you know…

What do you mean, parents aren’t just parents? Surely their sole purpose is to be there for the child, watch endless Cbeebies with you and whatnot –  they came into the world as ready made parents without having a life of their own first, right?!

Something that Danny in Danny the Champion of The World found out when his Dad disappeared in the dead of the night and he found out he’d been sneaking out to poach pheasants…..

So much wisdom.

So much fun.

Tell us via the comments if you’ve got any more lessons to add….


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Turning on the TV this morning, I was greeted by the sight of This Morning’s resident pantomime villain, Katie Hopkins sat on the sofa savaging Peaches Geldof.

If it’s controversial and it’s about parenting, you can bet one of your limbs that Katie will have an opinion on it in order to get the hackles rising, and the parenting forums frothing.

Kids with ‘chavvy names’, ‘ginger babies’, and today attachment parenting bashing. If you add a C and an R to AP, it’s shorthand for crAP parenting, says Katie.

All this got me thinking, how far do you go to get yourself seen and heard and your articles written or points of view aired on telly?

I find myself censoring posts, maybe taking out an occasional expletive before hitting the ‘publish’ button, or choosing not to publish some opinions which I know probably wouldn’t go down too well.

Writing them would bring in lots of traffic and I’d have a comment box full of scathing people letting me know how horrible I was being.

You only need to look at her Twitter feed to see she has a whole lot of people sending messages detailing exactly what they think of her.

Good or bad thoughts on her, you can’t deny she knows how to pull in the public, get them talking about her and trending on Twitter, and generally just boosting the ratings.

What do the public do? Rise to the bait every time. She knows what she’s doing.

So, airing unpopular opinions – worth it? Or more a case of selling your soul? What do you think?


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I ask myself this question every year at this time, and after a lot of umming and ahhhing usually end up with a big fat NO.

NaBloPoMo (or National Blog Post Month to the uninitiated) is the bloggers equivalent to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month.)

Whereas NaNoWriMo sees people getting stuck into writing novels for the whole of November, and writing 50,000 words in a month (yikes)  NaBloPoMo sets bloggers the challenge of writing a blog post every day in November instead.

Yes, I could do this, but if I tie myself to writing a post every single day for 30 days, I run the risk of spouting rubbish just for the sake of something to write about.

NaNoWriMo by the way brings me out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.

What do you think?

Are you doing either of them?

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It’s that time of year again when in the writing world, people are gearing up for NaNoWriMo, or if you’re a blogger, NaBloPoMo.

If you don’t ‘do’ writing, you’ll wonder what the chuff I’m going on about and think I’ve forgotten how to speak English and now sound like a drunken Tellytubby instead.

I considered NaNoWriMo last year (National Novel Writing Month) then realised there was barely enough of a novel inside me yet to fill the pages of a children’s book, never mind complete 50,000 words in the space of a month. Yikes.

As for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) I can do that. That’s where you write a blog post every day of the month for the whole of November.

I write most days anyway.

Would I want to write every day for the sake of it though? What if some days I’ve got writers block and my brain  refuses to squeeze out a single word, never mind a full blog post’s worth?!

I’d have to write a blog post regardless, and any old crap could spout out. What do you mean, it does anyway? Hmph.

I think it’s a great idea. I just don’t know if I’d want to blog every single day knowing I HAD to blog every day.

Quality over quantity, or quantity over quality? Or can we have a nice mixture of both?!

I’ll soon find out come November the 1st if I do it…

What do you think, and are you taking part in either of them?

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The small ones are always drawing in this house. If it’s not the 8 year old drawing pictures of a football match in action, it’s the 5 year old drawing pictures of us all.

Me, him, his brother and Daddy.

So for a change to the usual normal, (boring) pencils, it was fun to try something completely new to draw their pictures with.

Smelly pencils. 🙂

Or to be exact, Smencils.

A gorgeous, fruity smelling set of pencils that try to trick your brain into thinking you can actually eat them.

With five different ‘flavours’, there’s lots of drawing and sniffing of pencils to be had. Each comes in a little case that you can securely put each pencil in by screwing the lid on tight so that the pencil can retain its smell for longer.

On receiving the pencils, they were intrigued that they were ‘Fruit Shoot’ fruity pencils, and took great delight in unscrewing the tops and giving each a good sniff.

“Fruit Shoot Pencils that smell like actual Fruit? Can I eat them?!”

“Erm, no you can’t because it’s a pencil. Do a drawing with it you silly sausage.”

They do smell great, though. (I had a good sniff of them myself.)

They each have a strong fruity smell, and gave me a nostalgic flashback to when I was small and had a HUGE pencil rubber collection, with hundreds of smelly rubbers!)


– Blackcurrant and apple

– Tropical

–  Apple

– Summer Fruits (my personal fave)

– Orange

If you want to try and win yourself some of these fruity writers, Smencils are holding a Facebook competition here

Good luck 🙂

(I was provided with one pack of Smencils for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own, honest account of what I thought of them.)

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You know you are addicted to writing when:


– When you’re not writing, you’re reading. Constantly. From the minute you get up, until the moment you go to sleep.

Whether it’s the back of the cereal packet at the breakfast table, a handful of morning papers or some magazines, you’re always pouring over the written word in hope of inspiration.


– You can’t tell your friends or family anything new, because they already know.

“Oh yeah, I know that. I read it on your blog/Twitter/Facebook.”


-You walk around with a pen and a notebook in your handbag in case inspiration strikes when you’re out and about.

You want to get it written down while it is fresh in your mind, because you’re afraid that if you don’t it will have fallen out of your head again by the time you  get home.


– You can’t just sit and watch your favourite TV shows anymore like a normal person does.

Instead of just relaxing with a cup of tea in front of Desperate Housewives, you find yourself analysing why this series is crap compared to all the other ones.

Whereas all the other series had all the characters having their own set of problems and scenarios, this one has every one on the Lane all having the exact same problem, and no sub-plots going on to make it interesting. Yawn.

It’s the same thing every single episode.

Or you’ll catch yourself noting how different shows employ different writing methods. When all you want to do is switch your brain off and watch the telly normally. Silly brain.


– Conversation is ripe for writing inspiration. Whether you’re standing in the queue at the bus stop, chatting to your mates, or sat in a cafe people watching.

Any of these sound familiar?!

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Seeing as my blog has only been up and running for just over a couple of months now, I was somewhat surprised (and very flattered!) that little ole me has been awarded the Liebster Blog Award!

For those who don’t know, the Liebster Blog Award recognises new blogs that deserve more recognition, and that have a following of less than 200 followers.

I have been awarded this by the lovely http://cheetahsinmyshoes.wordpress.com who has a great blog about family life.

Being all new to this award malarkey, remembering all the rules of the award is taking some getting my head around. First rule is to link to who awarded you it (yep, I’ve done that.)


Then post a nice sparkly, picture of your blog award like above. Taaa-daaaah!

Then the next bit, choose 5 people you want to award the Liebster Award to, linking to them. So, in no particular order, I am nominating these people. Whether they want it or not. 🙂


Bit sweary, bit mad, very funny reading. Definitely worth a visit!



Hilarious take on being a stay at home parent. Especially liked the ‘Magazine post’, in which he had been reading parenting magazines, got scared and felt inadequate so decided to devise his own – front cover gems such as ‘ What have you put in their lunchbox and has it just killed them?!’ and ‘Why potty training is easy. You Freak.’ Brilliantly funny blog.


A blog of the thoughts of a mum and parenting, and definitely worth a read.


Blogs baking pictures and recipes, and generally makes my mouth water. Some lovely stuff on there.



An honest, true to life take on this parenting lark. ‘Me time, schmee, time’ post sounds like what goes on in this house. Especially the ‘what actually happens’ bit.

Also, anyone who can randomly make a blog post about Agadoo and Black Lace gets my vote! 🙂

So there’s my worthy of contribution lot.

I’d do an Oscar style acceptance speech for mine, a’la Ms Paltrow and blubber, but I’ve never been any good at gushing stuff.

So instead I’ll say thank yoooo for reading, and glad people are enjoying my blog!







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