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It’s that time of year again when schools up and down the land in their infinite wisdom think it’d be great fun for everyone to dress up as a character from their favourite book.

We’ve always got off lightly at our school, and just been subjected to an (overpriced) book stall in the school hall.

Now this I can get onboard with. Zero creativity needed, and you can never have too many books.

The past couple of years, though? Nope. Not only is it the Book Fair but now the kids have  to dress up as well.


Cue me muttering under my breath, and the small one dismissing every idea and not deciding what he wants to go as until the very last minute.

World Book Day parents fall into three camps.

Those who handcraft their own costume and get all competitive with each other over who has made the best costume. (Chill your tits, it’s only one day. Don’t even get me STARTED on the annual Easter bonnet parade.)

Those who take the term World Book Day theme and run with it loosely to fit whatever fancy dress costume they have in.

“Elsa from Frozen? Yeah, go as her.”

(What, she hasn’t been in a Shakespeare play or starred in a Roald Dahl book?! Oh well, she must have appeared in a comic strip somewhere. You’ll do.)

Those who decide what they’re wearing the night or so before then madly dash about trying to find something in the house they can make a last minute costume with. (That’d be us, then.)

I’ve tried to get him to entertain the idea of the Boy In The Dress by David Walliams. Now that’d be easy, and great for comedic value.

That idea went down like a lead balloon though.

Oh well, back to the drawing board…..


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