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After what seems like months of sub zero temperatures, spring has finally shown its face this week and reminded us that it is just around the corner.

You forget how lovely the sunshine can make everything feel, and how it can brighten things up just by casting its rays onto buildings and footpaths.

Not to mention lifting of  moods. Now with the promise of spring in the air, why not get out and about and blow away some of the winter cobwebs?

It doesn’t take much to get out there, and money isn’t a problem either. Fresh air is free.

How about one of these?

Go on a nature walk.

You don’t even have to live in the middle of the countryside for this one. (Although it’s even better if you do.)

Write a list of things to find and get the children to tick them off as you do it.


– how many different types/shapes of leaves can you find?

– different twigs

– pine cones

being just a few examples.

Climb a tree.

A classic, traditional children’s activity. Find one with nice sturdy, low branches and you’re sorted. Hours of fun if my children are anything to go by. They’re always happiest when they’re let loose to run and jump!

branches to climb

Whatever you decide to do this spring, get outdoors and get discovering…..

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It’s half term this week, and so far we’ve been ice skating, been out for lunch twice, been to the local soft play, and a forest where we collected pine cones and did a spot of tree climbing.

pine cones

In other words, we’ve done something pretty much every day this week. Today though, we’ve just had a day in of doing precisely NOTHING. Nothing organised, nothing doing.

Since when were kids lives so micro managed as they are now? We’re always expected to be DOING something, and there’s never just enough time to relax.

There’s always football practise to go to, swimming and Beavers and whatever club is on after school.

They’ve actually forgotten how to be bored. Being bored is GOOD,sometimes. I’m not Entertainment Manager, you are your own people and you don’t need me giving you ideas on what to do every five minutes.

It’s good to be bored as it makes you think for yourself what you want to do,. You’re making your own decisions, using your imagination, and learning to think for yourself.

Plus, it’ll make you appreciate the days you DO go out a hell of a lot more!

Next holidays, I’m making a stand and not arranging half as many days out.

We’re having more days of leaving them to it and making their own entertainment.

Who’s with me?!


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Amanda Holden faced a public backlash yesterday for sending her daughter Lexi, aged 9, into school dressed as Vivien from Pretty Woman as part of a 1990’s themed dressing up day.

Vivien, as anyone who has seen the film will tell you, is the prostitute that Richard Gere picks up off the street and hires as his ‘beck and call girl’ for the entire week by going to events and business meals with him.

Dressed in a red, strapless skin tight floor length gown, Lexi was pictured on Twitter next to a grand piano with the words “1990’s day at Lexi’s school today. Julia Roberts ‘Pretty Woman’,”

After eight minutes of the picture being up though (and probably due to outraged tweets) the picture was pulled. With a swift denial saying it wasn’t meant to be Pretty Woman at all, and was Cindy Crawford instead.

Oh come off it. We all know what Vivien did on the grand piano in Pretty Woman. Or was the grand piano in the background just a coincidence?

Regardless of whether or not she was meant to be Julia Robert’s Pretty Woman character or Cindy Crawford, the fit of the dress was pretty bloody inappropriate for school anyway.

How the heck are you supposed to run about in a clinging to you, off the shoulder dress at playtime?

By the looks of the photo (that is apparently now trying to be pulled off the internet) you couldn’t do much more than do a waddle to the school door.

Why the rush to stick children in grown up type clothes, even for school dress up days? There’s a million and one more appropriate styles to choose without sexualising them and sticking it online for the world and its dog to see.

(Who knows who’s looking and for what purpose?)

Dress them in clothes they’ll be comfortable in and more age appropriate. Plenty of time for body con dresses when they’re older.

What do you think?

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As mum to a now 7 and an 11 year old, I have spent quite a lot of time over recent years organising children’s parties.

Parties used to be held at home with a handful of your best friends. Pass the parcel, musical statues, sandwiches and jelly and ice cream. Minimal fuss, minimal expenditure.

Whilst these types of parties still exist, there’s a whole new breed of parties that have sprung up that just weren’t really the norm when we were all small.

Nowadays, soft play centres can be hired for a few hours, at considerable cost per child. Mine used to love soft play parties, and got to play in the ball pools for an hour with all their friends and have a party tea too laid on by the staff afterwards.

On average anything up to £10 per child, it added up when you used to invite most of the class.

All well and good, but when the venue asks for definite numbers a few days before the party, you start to steam between the ears at the sheer damn RUDENESS of some of the parents who, for some reason, either can’t be arsed to reply, or are incapable of reading the invitation properly to see when a response is needed by.

So you’d inevitably end up chasing up parents in the school playground, asking if they were coming, and then dutifully reporting back to the soft play centre with numbers.

If you think that’s stressful enough, it got even worse when, after saying that they’d come, you’d always get at least one or two that just didn’t bother to turn up after you’d paid for them. Therefore a party bag and meal going to waste.

As the eldest’s birthday is at the end of the summer holidays, there’s no school to remind people. So you’d be wondering if everyone would bother turning up.

Nearly everyone did, but there’d always be one or two entitled people who’d say they were coming and then not bother.

One party, three people decided to do just this, which left me paying approximately £30 in total for three no shows. Grrrr.

So, if I was a bit more ballsy, I’d have done exactly what Julie Lawrence did when one dad decided that actually, he had something better to do that day and bogged off to the grandparents for the day instead.

Instead of telling her, or you know, just honouring the first thing that you said you’d do instead of ditching in favour of something else that comes your way.

Imagine if everyone did that? There’d be nobody at the poor child’s birthday.

Manners, people. If you can’t be bothered to go, SAY so before wimping out on the day and landing the host with a bill they didn’t need to pay.

Good on you Julie, even if you were a bit heavy handed and OTT. I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from! :-)

What does everyone else think?

Boy gets sent invoice for missing birthday party

So you’

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I don’t know if it’s a kid thing, or just a boy thing in general, but my two are absolutely obsessed with anything to do with poo and wee and it’s starting to drive me a little potty. (No toilet pun intended.)

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, or where you are – the conversation always ends up back at something bottom related.

Even sat at the dinner table having their lunch today between mouthfuls of sandwiches. Grr.

A favourite word is fart which I’m sure they say all the more because I’ve said I don’t like it and it’s not very nice.

Surely it’s much more fun to be more creative?

Trump, bottom burp, parp, trouser whistler. All a whole lot funnier than that blasted word.

I’ve just been informed that there’s a Despicable Me Fart Blaster that they’d love for Christmas which charmingly makes fart noises when you pull the trigger.

Oh. Yay. Not only do they get to do my head in with all the toilet talk, now they want to torture me with sound effects too.



Tell me they grow out of it. (Although I’m not holding out much hope. The eldest is nearly 11 and still going strong.)


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Lately, I’ve been seeing lots of gushing via Facebook and it’s got me wondering what the  hell is going on and if I’m missing a vital ‘soppy gene.’

Lots of posts and memes have been littered with things like “Three things I’m thankful for today” and have gone on to describe angelic children, dances through the cornfields whilst singing along the way, and general loveliness.

My two however have decided to belt seven bells of crap out of each other in the form of wrestling since school finished last week.

Why? For the love of God, WHY can’t they play nicely without deciding to divebomb the other or get the other in a stranglehold on the floor? Is it a boy thing?!

So on seeing these lovey dovey memes and posts I decided to post my own three things I was thankful for to counter-act all the saccharine bullcrap as I refuse to believe you’re all Sound of Music Julie Andrews wannabe’s

The three things I’ve been thankful for this week?


– Bedtime.

– Wine.

– Social Media



What’s yours?!

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As a blogger, I spend quite a lot of time on social media and over the different platforms, see lots of pictures and stories of various children.

Recently joining Instagram, it got me thinking if sometimes we’re responsible for over sharing.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with sharing your lives and pictures with a wider audience, especially when blogs revolve around the family , and are enhanced by funny stories, pictures, or craft activities or whatever.

I post photos of my two on my blog, but it’s always back views, or partially obscured faces for privacy reasons.

Something like this when we went castle moat exploring.

exploring castle s

As well as never mentioning names.

Pictures of children fast asleep in their beds oblivious to the fact that they’re being pictured and put on the internet for others to see, or of  bathing babies etc.

The worst we ever had to contend with when growing up was the fact that mum or dad would whip out their camera and take embarrassing photos of you and put in the photo album to bring out in front of future boyfriends/girlfriends to embarrass the hell out of you.

Today’s children though have a bigger nightmare – the fear that their mum and dad may be uploading pictures of their tantrums, or discussing their toilet habits or whatever.

You just need to look at the immensely popular blog (and now book)  Reasons My Kid is Crying to see my point.

Sure, it’s hilarious, I’ve had a good laugh at some of the tantrums on there (they’re funny because they’re so completely true! )

Do all the toddlers know and understand they’re being put up for adult’s entertainment though? Could be quite embarrassing when they come across it in later life.

Ditto with all the sleeping babies sucking thumbs (“M’uuuum! I can’t even sleep in peace without you showing everyone!”) or baths.

What goes online stays online, as they say.

Are you an oversharer? Or am I an over thinker?! :-)


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